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Recent content by Reinhardt

  1. Reinhardt

    Toughest legendary/legendaries that you ever caught? Stories and Strategies.

    In Max Raids battles, you need to whittle a Pokemon's HP all the way down to zero before you're given the option to throw a Pokeball, and once it's caught it'll have 1 HP left if you add it to your party, so by "bring down" I mean I managed to get Zygarde's HP to zero and catch it before it got...
  2. Reinhardt

    Toughest legendary/legendaries that you ever caught? Stories and Strategies.

    The story that'll always stand out to me is the day I finally caught Zygarde in Dynamax Adventures. By the time I got to Zygarde I was using Sneasel, and the rest of the team consisted of Nidoqueen, Klinklang and Chansey. I lost to Zygarde every single time before this, so I didn't have the...
  3. Reinhardt

    Have you ever wondered that you were born in wrong country/ in wrong time?

    Oh definitely. I'm primarily a libertarian with some conservative ideals, but libertarian beliefs and ideals are pretty much non-existent here in the UK. This is one of the last countries in the world that doesn't have a written constitution, so we have nothing like the First Ammendment...
  4. Reinhardt

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - RECENT HAPPENINGS Thread

    I managed to catch a female Shiny Politoed in this newest Max Raid event, my fifth Shiny in Sword and Shield, now I just need to come up with a decent name for her.
  5. Reinhardt

    The last movie you saw

    Hellraiser: Judgment - I've been wanting to watch this for a long time, after seeing a really fascinating interview with its director on YouTube where he goes into the ins and outs of film production, but sadly I was a bit disappointed by the movie. The bulk of the plot is this generic police...
  6. Reinhardt

    Legends: Arceus Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    You'd be surprised. Over in the Transformers fandom we have a few "credible leakers" who go on the fan forums and write lengthy posts saying "Ok so in a few months we'll be getting this, this, this, this and these" with nothing in the way of proof outside of "Take my word for it bro", then a few...
  7. Reinhardt

    Legends: Arceus Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    In most Pokemon games I avoid using any Pokemon that require trades to evolve, because I don't know anyone else with a DS or 3DS. It's why one of my favourite things about the Wild Area and the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass is having trade evolutions like Gengar and Machamp available to catch...
  8. Reinhardt

    Legends: Arceus Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    So it's coming out two weeks after my 30th birthday, shame it won't be out before it but at least there's a set release date now. I can't wait!
  9. Reinhardt

    Things that upset you (in general)

    As far as annual events go, the main ones for me are just Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, Christmas, New Year's Eve and my own birthday in January, I like to do something big or at least memorable for all of them Even just basic stuff like carving a jack-o-lantern and watching the original 1978...
  10. Reinhardt

    What was the first Pokemon you ever caught?

    As far as I remember it was a Patrat on Unova Route 1 in Black, though I'm not 100% sure.
  11. Reinhardt

    Age and your various firsts when it comes to Pokémon.

    I'm 29, and got into Pokemon with the anime when I was seven in 1999. I never played any of the games growing up, I was mostly into the anime and a little bit of the card game, I only started playing the games when I was 19 after getting a Nintendo DS for Christmas 2011. Black was my first game...
  12. Reinhardt

    What kind of Pokémon stuff do you have?

    There are a lot of old Pokemon cards in storage boxes in the attic at my parent's house, no ultra rare ones like Charizard or anything, but I don't know if they'd be worth any money today. I have a t-shirt with Mew on it, but it's got old and the Mew has started to crack around the edges, so I...
  13. Reinhardt

    Pokemon Go Discussion

    Ah thanks, this is good to know. Out of the ones listed, Hoppip, Whismur and Bidoof are the only ones I've seen spawn in my area, but I'll keep a close lookout for those.
  14. Reinhardt

    Pokemon Go Discussion

    I've seen both forms of Cherrim a couple of times, but oddly I have yet to find Cherubi anywhere. I've been playing the game for just over a week now, I'm almost at level 24 and my Pokedex is at 165 Pokemon. A few things of note: > My main focus right now is the Mythical Encounter quest where...
  15. Reinhardt

    Legends: Arceus Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    I plan on doing at least three playthroughs, one for each starter. No solid plans for other team members yet, I have a rough outline of Decidueye/Empoleon/Luxray, Typhlosion/Torterra/Lucario and Samurott/Infernape/Staraptor, though these could change as more becomes known about the Pokedex...