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    Thanks you for the review and support. One thing I want to know though. Who is your favorite character so far? I say so far because some characters are going to be someone completely different by the end. Also, I need some feedback on an idea I had. I plan for my fan fiction to be a series. In the next part I was thinking about having a different main character, but they are the same age as Jyharri. OR I could have Jyharri be the main character for the first two and then have a different one for the last two
    I only have one brother, but he is 20 so we don't see each other much.

    Your messages on here HAVE to be 10 characters or more, so instead of putting more a lot of people just put 10charlimit at the end
    Hehe, thanks for the vote of confidence. If you read it with the music, it should've been significantly more awesome.

    I'll be writing it soon, but in the meantime I suggest you check out the pokemon artwork by joshD1000.deviantart.com, he rocks, and is where I got the story idea from. He writes realistic descriptions for all the pokemon he's drawn so far, though they have atrocious spelling (he has dyslexia).
    Should be finished by tomorrow if not earlier.

    I'm a Junior now. I remember eighth grade well. Don't be frightened when you go to high school though. It sucks.

    Oh noez! How cann I finnish withh alll thiz pressure!!!1
    I've decided that I will continue work on it today and most likely have it up tomorrow or Wednesday.

    School is no fun. What year are you going to be in?

    I've loved DBZ since I was a child :D Ahhh, I remember the good old days.

    There needs to be pressure. I do my best work under pressure. In my Biology class this girl worked on her final project for a couple weeks and got a 'C'. I worked on mine for about an hour tops the day before it was due and I got an 'A'.
    Absolutely horrible. My Pre Calc/Trig homework kept me from working on chapter 14 >: ( I will try to work on it later today after I watch a couple of episodes of Dragonball Z. There is a good chance that it will be posted today so be looking for that extra special PM.
    Veggie tales... *dances to the theme song*

    ... xD;

    Erm, yeah. Chapter three is a mean chapter :< Writer's block and summer schoolwork and all that is bogging me down, plus the upcoming trip to Taiwan and China. I'm leaving on Monday, and it's pretty hectic helping my mom get everything ready.
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