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  • Hi, when would you like to play for the Eeveelution tournament? I should be available most afternoons/evenings GMT -5.
    hey reisuke just letting you know please check out the league for new rules and artwork for the tef league. I have did a whole new remodel which if you like to still be our dragon gym please post to keep your spot please and thanks or you will vacate your spot.
    you are the winner of round one since there was no activity for the other player good luck on your next match :3 round 2 is up!
    hey Reisuke eeveelution tournament has started please contact your opponent to schedule a battle time.
    My ITA Jolly Shiny Rayquaza has xx/31/31/xx/31/xx my apologies for the late reply I don't play as much anymore :<
    The system was updated just a tad bit. You'll earn about 3.33/10 of what the cost will be. So it'll round up o/
    I'll be on in one sec. As for the breedables, you're talking about Sneasel and Feebas right?
    If you have any questions about earning LP, there's a note to the right side of the donation center on the Raffle Hub that explains all of the details with donations and such o/
    Hey Speedy,

    I'm going to be out for a little bit, but I should be back within an hour or two. Your Shiny Cobalion is nice and ready in a box for you when I get back o/
    I just now saw your VM, and you are right, they don't have ribbons, so are either hacked or edited. I won't offer them anymore, Thanks
    Hey Speedy,

    I wanna challenge your gym. I won't get a badge, but I wanna see your team and battle style!
    Will update! You probably didn't see my edit on my last post. I was asking if you go down to GMT +1 because of Daylights savings. Because it's either 6 hours at +2 or 5 at +1 difference from EST
    Nope. There's no limit. As long as it fits the tier requirements, you can have as many Legends as you want. Also, is your GMT before or after the whole Daylights Savings thingy. XV It confuses me so much with the time stuff
    Hey Speedy1 o/

    I'll need this info for your Gym Page.
    Days Gym is Open:
    Hours Open:

    Other than that, Gym leaders are required to have activity checks at least once every 1 to 2 weeks (only needed if gym doesn't open in that span). Congrats on becoming the Dragon Leader! Looking forward to battles with you!
    Nope, they work perfectly! I'm still in the process of figuring out a new LP donation earning system and am about to be out for a little while. I'll take them off your hands by tomorrow o/ By then I should have an idea of what the system'll be like.
    Awesome! Once we do a few raffles, I'll definitely be in touch for more of those amazing legends you have! :3
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