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Nov 11, 2012
Mar 1, 2007
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rekreatur was last seen:
Nov 11, 2012
    1. halcyonXlll
      Ohh, imagine a million Shiny Skitties roaming about on Pokémon Ranch. That would be amazingly cute =^0^=

      I often go for a minimum of 6-8, and hope I find one with competitvely good IVs/natures.
      Go you! Electrode's an old favourite ^_^
      Good luck for your next chains too ~
    2. halcyonXlll
      Congrats on the speedy Shinies ^_^
      Are you aiming for a certain amount, or just pushing your luck as far as you can until it breaks? ;D

      *wants to chain* *resists in favour of negleted team training*

    3. halcyonXlll
      Oh, awesome - great job on that! ^_______^/

      Did it take many tries to get there? :O
      *gives you buckets of luck for finding the Shinies*

    4. halcyonXlll
      Only on 3? You seem a bit impatient ;D

      I went ahead and took a look at your thread. I'm not much of a spriter, so I don't think I can give you any criticism worth heeding, but I do love the Pokéballs you've made.. They're oddly.. Well, cute =^_^'=
      And the Siamese Pokémon are a novel idea too, i've never seen anyone do that before.
      One of the biggest hurdles in my tries, is the shading. It never goes quite right. I have no imagination when it comes to that .__.

      Aw Wi-Fi's always being a pain in the butt for me, and just about everyone every now and then x__x
      I hope it gets sorted out soon - but no worries, i'll hold on to that Weedle until then ^_-
    5. halcyonXlll
      Aw, hehe, I hope it wasn't a high chain you broke xD

      I decided to break my Weedle chain out of boredom too..
      .. Though not before catching a bunch of Shinies, mind you ;D

      Want one? *dangles a Shiny Weedle in your face* ;P
    6. halcyonXlll
      Heya there, thanks for the request =^_^=
      So how're you doing?
    7. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      You know, if you go to veiw conversation at the bottom of the post, we can talk privately =3

    8. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      No, nooooo, not everyone. Just 3 quarters X3
    9. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      Thanks! I've actually asked for about 15 friend requests now, and I don't think I'm anywhere near done (just getting the majors out of the way XD) I know more people than I think.
    10. Fire Suicune
      Fire Suicune
      HIYA P_SKITTY!!!!!! =3 And thanks again (very late XD) for helping me with trading stuff!
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