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  • Sometimes the past feels too distant to be real. To me, you're the epitome of that feeling. It's bittersweet. Compared to the way things used to be, everything in my life is an entropic withdrawal from you. But the mere fact that you happened to me tells me that an orderly state to my life isn't impossible. I've known this for awhile, I just couldn't summarize it in a short paragraph until now.

    Also, Merry Christmas. Or is it Happy Christmas over there? Whichever it is, have a good one.
    Happy birthday. Well, technically, as I am posting this, it isn't your birthday yet. You see, I've taken a notice to all this social media nonsense telling the user "oh hey look, it's so-and-so's birthday. Better say something." Generosity just doesn't exist anymore. You can't tell someone "happy birthday" and actually have them expect to believe you care about them. No "happy birthday" ever means anything when the reminder is automated--when your calender, Facebook, or Serebii Forum is doing all the reminding for you. Well, not this time. This time I beat the system! So enjoy your birthday, and know that I mean it.
    I edited this message because it originally said something stupid. It wouldn't let me delete the vm, so to provide filler for the 10 char rule, I wrote this message explaining why this vm is here. Pretty funny, right?
    So the forum finally died. I had attempted its revival about twice since our last meeting, but, of course, both attempts failed. I even had Eve purchase a domain name on Go Daddy, but as of this year, the name "insanetrainers.net" expired since it would've been stupid for him to keep paying a fee into a website that's death was long overdue.

    So if you happen to be reading this (even though those chances are unlikely), you're in the right place. Hated this place for some of its members, but I suppose things are bound to change in 6 years.
    Meru chan~ As far as I can tell, your graphic card's repairment was ignored, but it's understandable, since it's difficult to find one for the same model of your motherboard, but don't worry about it, soonly things will get back to normal and you'll find another one to replace it, or a completely new equipment for your PC. I realize that things are quite boring for you right now, and with reason. I expect them to get better soon.

    Oh of course~ What day is that? It's your birthday, congratulations for this, you're growing more mature and capable each minute, and make sure to enjoy this time as much as you can, because it's an unique, meaningful and significant day. I'm wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. You illuminate my life and fill it with joy.
    Hey rem, long time no see, I was wondering if you've been feeling any better recently, I haven't really spoken to you since your thing, and haven't seen you around on IT but hey hope to hear from you again soon :D

    Oh yea and just before I forget :

    Who's the girl below me and why is she so polite to people?
    Meru Chan~ I knew you would do fine in your exams, you're a smart girl that exceeds in imagination and creativeness. The only circumstance that affected your previous results was your depression, but it's nothing important now. I only hope your parents not to repeat the same punishment again, just because you were under depression, it doesn't mean that your parents have the rights to put you grounded, I think some counsels or other uplifting others would work best in your case. Just try to ignore the redundant stuff that surrounds you, not to fall into that detrimental state again. And try to get more active on the network because we still have more subjects to deal with. It's really a waste someone as great as you being that inactive, and judging by the time you've been absent, I suppose netherlands university exams are among the hard ones, even so, it's nothing you really can't take as long as you put a tiny bit of effort combined with your intelligence. Finally, I hope to see you in the network more often, because I can't rely on your relatives all the time to know whether you're doing fine or not. Don't forget that I love you~

    (I can't believe you stalked Remilia for about 3 months on this Serebii. GET A LIFE you loser).
    Well, thank God that I now know that you didn't drop off the face of the Earth.
    I hope you're alright.

    Edit: Hmm...I guess you're not really back yet....
    ...? *s-sniff* ...Remilia... w-why are you resolving to ignore me now...? I'm starting t-to get concerned with this unexpectedness... *about to cry*
    You haven't replied my PM yet... as such, I suppose you're contradicting my accord, correct...?
    I see... it must be arduous to accomplish the school tasks while still under the monitorship... in any case, I wish you regain your impeccable state as soon as possible.
    If this is the matter, I presume you're liberated from the hospital check... I'm glad from your organism's resistance in response to the operation... as it's common to have pericardial effusion as consequence... which is often correlated with the valve replacement via cardiac surgery... thank heavens this is not your case... *smiles*
    Remilia... what's the matter? Why haven't you replied to my last PM yet...? My apologies if for some reason I've caused any incommode... *looks away*
    Yeah...weird, the same thing happened with another person I was friends with, but they sent me a friend request before I asked them anything. So, are you hanging in there?
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