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Recent content by Rennon

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    Count to 60 Before A Mod or Co-Owner Posts

    4 Haven't been on for a while...
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    I have returned to Serebii Forums! Wahahaha! You probably don't remember me do you?

    I have returned to Serebii Forums! Wahahaha! You probably don't remember me do you?
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    How Different Was SPPF from when you first joined?

    Joined in 2010 if I recall. Seems most people already said it, but yeah. Was considerably more active back then. I specifically remember the forum Games section like Count to 60 haha. Also, it took like five minutes just to do anything in the forums (posting, clicking links, etc.)
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    3rd Gen Recent Happenings Thread

    Pokemon Leaf Green ================= The Beginning Boulder ------------------------------- I decided to play again because lol. The game turned on, started spouting words and an old man with a white coat appeared. He asked me what I was, my name and his grandson's name. This dude may be...
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    What Pen Do You Use?

    BIC pens. Still have a box full of unused ones.
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    Favorite type of chocolate? :3

    Haven't been in the forums for a while. Anyway mine is Dark chocolate and a certain milk chocolate with crisped rice lol
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    Name Change Thread - Read the first post

    Current Username: Xyllerion New Username: Rennon
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    Saahhh dude!?

    Saahhh dude!?
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Huh...ok thanks
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Okay, just played through both Colosseum and XD and finished them. Just one question though. Are Shadow Attacks based on your ATK or SPAtk, does it average both out, stick with the higher offense or what? Just really curious.
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    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    [InsertName] Type: Ice/Fighting Ability: Adaptability Height: 7'2(bipedal) Weight: 418 lbs HP: 80 ATK: 130 DEF: 70 SAtk: 120 SDef: 70 SPE: 130 Basically a powerful Yeti monster that lives in harsh cold mountains. It's design is basically a muscled Yeti with Popeye arms and legs. Similar to...
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    3rd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    ==Up to Thunder Badge== Went out of the hole and battled the grunt. Got Dig back and walked into Route 5 where I caught a Bellsprout which I named Vicky. I took the Underground Tunnel and arrived at Route 6 where my first encounter was a fail(Used last Pokeball on Vicky). I battled the...
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    3rd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    ==Up to Cascade Badge== Got out of Pewter City Pokemon Center and into Route 3. Battled some Bug Catchers and went into tall grass. First encounter was a NidoranF, I caught it and named it Nia. I went inside the Pokemon Center near Mt. Moon and talked to the guy who sells Magikarps. I bought...
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    Post an INSANE lie about the user above you

    The above user licks an average of 10 keyboards a day.