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  • Larvesta's bit in the Volcarona POTW was apparently done by someone who has never heard of LC or NFEs w/ Eviolite in NU. Its written as if the writer thinks you're gonna use it in OU... none of the other POTWs have had this issue but yeah, it should be fixed.
    I actually use Gigalith on a few occasions, using the few moves I can get off of it.
    I have a lead set team with those exact moves, only I run absolutely no defensive EVs to ensure Custap will activate. This team has since been made illegal as it uses Drizzle + Swift Swim.

    Oh yeah, who's actually writing these PotW's? You or Blue Harvest...?
    Pokemon of the week number 52 should be one of the best in power which is Hydreigon or Golurk
    I got an idea of what potw #48 will be. And it will be drumroll please, ........ Crygonal!

    Cause winter's coming `round the corner.

    From now on, I can tell what potw will be next.
    Hello there. I understand you're in charge of POTW. I just thought I should point out if no one has already that for Flareon, the wording and descriptions regarding its abilities is not accurate. For example, under Flash Fire it states that it makes you immune to Will-O-Wisp which would otherwise make Flareon even more useless. However without Flash Fire, Flareon would have Guts which Will-O-Wisp would activate, so therefore it would not make it even more useless. Similarily, under Guts it states that you cant be inflicted with a burn which would be ideal for said ability, but in fact you can be hit with a burn as you are no longer running Flash Fire.

    Sorry if I made that a bit wordy. I think Im right anyway, im not entirely certain about these things, but I figured it should be brought to someones attention just in case.

    Regards, Arg
    On the Rampardos POTW.. Fire Blast > Fire Punch on virtually every set that has Encourage.. it OHKOs Skarmory and Ferrothorn which Fire Punch does not.
    POTW question. On toxistall dug trio, wouldn't dig be better than EQ? They can't switch and it wastes a turn
    o ok. Sorry for that then, I was just trying to make sure that you weren't very weak to some common threats. Its your team though, so whatever suits you is what you should use. Good Luck with your team though.
    I'm just going to leave this alone then. But just for reference, if I was an inexperienced player, trying to get into the competitive field, and turned to Serebii for help and used a Choice Specs Whiscash (as example) then spent my time EV training etc, only to find out that a DD Set would have been so much better, I would be very frustrated.

    Oh, and we are in the 5th Gen : http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3446554
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