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  • Hi! I have a UT Timid Darkrai. I was wondering if you had a UT Nicknameable Timid Entei [Nicknamed Sen]?
    Sweet! Dex data on Ho-oh and Latias for your Thunderbolt! Thats awesome, I'm actually EVing a genderless poke so it can't learn T-bolt by breeding. When you wanna trade??
    Yeah of course i'll show them to you!! What are ya gonna offer lol! Yeah, its a bit slow haha!
    Doing really well actually lol! In the world of pokemon all I need to complete my dex is Darkrai, Shaymin, Porygon-Z and Tangrowth now!! (Also haven't seen a dragonite lol, have a lvl 43 Dragonaire but I've started EV training so no time to level it up!!)

    Managed to get most of the legendaries, took me ages to get my own Latias and Latios!

    Have one fully EVed pokemon now! He rocks!
    Trying to EV an Arbok at the moment but I'm having trouble getting the right nature lol!
    I'm arranging a few to be EVed at the same time. Arbok I'm just doing becuse he is my favorite pokemon!
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