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  • You don't HAVE to have one :p But sometimes it helps.

    I was just wondering; someone gave me one o_O;; But I agree that they ruin the integrity of the game ><
    I don't use one personally (nor will I ever), but how do you wall people then?

    Also, I have a question :c Are clones really legitimate?
    Sorry, it sounded like you meant no legendaries EVER ^^;

    Kingdra is cool o_O;; Do you have a Blissey too? (just about everyone has one @__@;; )
    What kind of pokemon do you use? Do you pick for power or use your favorites? I personally plan to use only my favorites (and Claydol, which has been growing on me recently o_O;; )

    Not even for a fun legendary on legendary battle?
    No legendaries? That sucks D: While I have a great dislike for Garchomp I can't say all legendaries are allowed but ban him >.>;; Don't get me wrong, I think regular pokemon are better and stronger to use, but I like to use legendaries for bragging rights/aesthetic reasons :p

    Oh, no no. You misunderstood me ^^; I meant a team of 12 so you could rotate and change. This way you're not stuck with the same 6 all the time and if you're strategic enough you can switch and still be effective ;)
    I really like Platinum as well :)

    So, what have you got so far? A 6 team or a 12 team? I want to go for at least a 12 team, if not more ^^ I also want to dissolve the tiers and only battle people who don't mind mixed tier pokemon.
    What did you think of them? I liked the storyline in Ruby o_O;; But now playing Platinum I can't go back xD

    So you mean an entire year coming up with strategy and breeding? Wow, I hope it doesn't take me that long x.x
    When you give it the Gracedia(think I spelt it wrongxD) Flower in Platinum it changes into Shaymin Sky Form :D
    Wow, so you haven't played G/S/C, R/S/E, or FR/LG?! No way!! You missed out man! D:

    A years worth of battling... have you learned much?? (and BTW that was an interesting story, I think :D)

    And I would definetly appreciate a second take on things when I start with it ^^
    I am very interested in your Arceus :D

    Let me know what you are looking for in return whether it be items or pokemon
    That's very nice of you, thanks ^^

    Okay, just making sure.

    No problem ^^ Just let me know if you need anything else :3

    Well, I intend to. But I haven't gotten my team in order yet. I'm still deciding who to train and what natures and moves and strategy and whatnot (I like to take things seriously :p). What about you?
    Thank you for the berries ^^ Do you want your pokemon back?

    But you know I was serious when I said I didn't want anything in return xD It's common for me to give people things and not ask for anything in return :)
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