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  • NP. . . I have an old Pearl version I use to keep my stuff on like events and sush, thanks tough~! No life orb, sorry. I can trade you these:
    Almia Darkrai: Energy ball
    PBR Magmortar and Electivire: Grass Knot and Flash Cannon
    Random Crap: Avalanche
    Random Crap: Protector
    Random Crap: Shadow Ball
    That's all I can give in the trade~!
    Ok, but do you have a Life Orb that you could trade? And sense it will be lost, will you trade me the protector too? Maybe I can help you keep some of the stuff you like.. Trade it to me and I'll trade it back to you when you start your new game!
    Well, if you want to trade bring the Arceus and a couple (4) fodder Pokemon like Bidoof so I can trade you the pokemon holding TM's.
    Since I'm about to reset my game I can give you some gym TM's. . . like Avalanche, Grass Knot, Flash Cannon, Shadow Claw, Charge Beam, Drain Punch, Brine and that's it, aside from stuff like energy ball and shadow ball. . . plus a few evolving items like reaper clothe and protect.
    It's okay. . . Serebii's runnin real slow for me at the moment. Um, It's hardly worth anything,let's just say that. I can give it to you if you want me to add it, but it isn't anything awe inspiring. It also had a preset nature of Serious.
    Oh, I'm sorry. I knew it was Almia - just wasn't thinking when I typed it. Do you have the Kyle Riolu?
    I could trade the four of those, also it isn't an Alamos Darkrai it is an Almia Darkrai from Pokemon Ranger. . . I do still have the TRU Shaymin, but he's my absolute most favorite event Pokemon ever.
    I also have shiny donphan
    a quirky TRU manaphy. . . Hm~ and lets see here~! Also a level 100 PBR Magmortar with 29/31 sp.atk stat and a 31/31 speed stat, I can add a PBR electivire to that as well. . . currently training it in speed, finished attack EV's.
    The Darkrai I have that I offered was Modest mischievous. . . did a ton of SR'ing for it. . . the Shaymin is Timid often dozes off, I have a Newmoon Darkrai, timid strongly defiant. . . it has a 152/155 sp.atk stat and a 145/149speed stat. I also have. . . well. . . that's about all I have worthy of an Arceus.
    I've got a pretty good level 100 Almia Darkrai With a 405/405 sp.ATK stat and a 336/349 speed stat. I can also tailor a Shaymin to that trade, it's UT from flower paradise with all of it's IV's over 25. . . Only ones I remember are hp:31/31 and sp.atk:30/31.
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