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  • Hey. I need you to post in the Digimon RP so that we can move things along. I'll give you until tomorrow to post, and after that, I'm going to have to drop you, okay?
    Hey! Wondering what your plans were with the Bloody Baron in the Titans RP? I volunteered my character for your beating up pleasure but we haven't heard anything from you since. :)
    I think Sceptile should be a Grass/Dragon, It would be bad vs. Ice but it was already. I also think Dotaitos should be Grass/Dark becuase it does look Darkish. Mimiroppu should be fighting, it really looks like a fighting pokemon because of it's large legs. I don't really like have normal combo's except Flying combo's since most flying pokemon have normal type combo's so I think Girafarig should be Psychic alone and same with Biidaru. That's all i can think of at the moment...
    Funny how you mentioned that. xD
    I'll look it over, but I would prefer for the weapon not to be alive. We already having a living weapon in the Karakasa
    Usually the number of tails a Kitsune has is showing there status in the race and how powerful they are. A one tailed kitsune is basically a child, but yea I think that might work... I can see his sadist spawning from that.
    Ahh I'm known for my good females so I'm going for a male in this one XD. That makes sense, since I like to use sadistic types of characters at times, especially in the stories I write. I like that we have some Chaos aligned characters, since I don't entirely want this to be a save the world RPG. Since you're going for a darker skinned Kitsune, I suggest red or brown.
    I sort of liked the female version of your Kitsune better, but I want t osee how this illusion master will work. Though I'm kinda shocked you didn't go the Golden blond Nine-tails route.
    Oh of course we are getting a discussion thread u v u

    For the images it will be as reward for being active, so please stay with us if you wish for one ^^
    Just a quick question about my power: teleportation. Would it be possible to teleport to a small pocket dimension for brief amounts of time and if so, would this be a way of gathering or planning something with the other star children? Just a thought that came to me now
    Excellent. Now, I have a question. How long blades would you allow? Wikipedia mentions some 30in long, which I think is more or less a sword. I was thinking about 14in, how do you feel about that?
    Hi. I have a question about Pisces weaponry in Azrael's Awakening. Am I limited to ordinary fighting knives, or can I also go for throwing knives and even ballistic knives?
    Yeah, I was just reading over to double check my weapon and saw that for some reason the Bow and Arrow was Virgo.
    Also, not sure if you noticed, but I edited my Sign-up in the other RPG and was wondering if I got accepted.
    Hello. My name is Delta, and I was curious about your RP, the children of the stars one. I'm going away for a month, from July 3rd to the 21st on a trip. I won't be able to post then. My question is, would that be okay still, and I could sign up?
    Again, I have to ask if you plan on posting in Armored Core, of if I should consider you cut.
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