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  • I know, but on my first attempt, I failed, and, well, I haven't tried again since. xD I'll go back there eventually. I just don't know when.
    Catching all the legendaries certainly isn't easy. I still have to somehow capture terrakion, I have no way of obtaining zekrom for the moment, and I don't think keldeo and genescect have been released yet. But I do have two victini now, one from the Liberty Pass, and the other from the recent movie event (which I was barely able to obtain in time.) Oh, and I haven't caught any of the genie pokemon either.
    You're welcome. Once you're all set, tell me your username and we can battle. My username is [PeU]DarkraisShadow and I mainly battle in the OU tier.
    PO, or Pokemon Online, is an online battle simulator. You create your team and battle other people. No training is involved and all pokemon are available, from bulbasaur to genesect and every pokemon in between. You can even make them shiny. :D

    It's easier to battle using PO because it's instant and faster than battling via WiFi on a DS. It's a free and safe download that many people use to battle. I use it because I don't exactly have the time to EV train pokemon on my DS games.

    Here's the link. http://pokemon-online.eu/
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