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  • Yes. I've been doing fine on Serebii this past year. I've just joined a clan. Made a few friends. Just posting here and there

    How have you been?
    hey man, I'm your war opponent play bad loljk, good luck (not that you'll need it), and may the best man win!
    Yep looks awesome, I'm not a huge fan but I'll be checking it out.
    Hey man, just wishing you the best of all days -- Happy Birthday man :)
    You're an awesome guy and we have the funniest laughs together and you're a great friend!
    I thank you for giving me that Co Leader spot in TSO, that gave eachother our trust -- now look where we are, running a great Clan.

    Happy Birthday man, enjoy it.
    hey evil just an update, its me, ace, and magikarp rules left in the tourney, sooooooo yeah :p
    I approve of this user.
    Well, since T3 disbanded, I joined The Immense Caverns. You know how that went, lol. Then I joined Team SeaSoul with Ballistic Buizel. (Speaking of her, she isn't on much lately.) Anyway, I was in that until the leader decided that he didn't have enough time to lead the clan anymore. Leadership was passed on to kaiser soze, a new thread was made, lots of stuff was revamped, and I'm now a Clan Officer. I do the points counting for everyone and I'm a Xat Mod for TSS. Battling-wise, I've gotten a heck of a lot better. I'm actually decent now in regular OU, but I've made better teams in other tiers. I got up to #21 in Dream World OU, and I was really proud of myself... then Thundurrus got banned, and I have abandoned that for now. I've reached #3 on Dream World Ubers, and I made an RMT about that, which got little, yet positive reception. I'm currently involved in a clan tourney right now, and I'm a whopping 1-0 in that. I've also tried out the Serebii Battle Frontier. Lost by 1 HP to D. Gray because of Focus Sash under his old rules, and just this morning I lost to Big Beluga 4-0. So I have yet to win there, but I'll get something eventually. Not really much else to say about clans and battling...
    thats what i mean though you guys didn't give just switched leaderships if you know what i mean....which is good you guys got the heart to not give up that what makes you guys awsome :) Im glad to hear you doing good so far thought moonlight heroes sounds epic ;)
    yeah im doing good just got done with a war and did you make your new clan yet? I heard you making a new one :) sounds cool...
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