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  • Oh sorry I never got back to you, you posted your VM on your own wall instead of in the conversation. Basically, Pokemon are available in Trainer Levels. There are 7 of them. As you meet the requirements of each level, you go up to the next one and gain access to those Pokemon. Any Pokemon you pick up will be TL1 (unless they're an uplevel), and be whatever stage they are at TL1. When you gain a TL, all Pokemon currently in your squad gain a level. Also, any Pokemon that is on your team in a battle gains a level at the end. But you don't need to worry about that until TL2.
    So basically, the 9 Hyper Beams of energy aren't the only type of energy in the game. Like people, Pokemon get tired. The typical pace of battle is two moves per Pokemon per round. However, every few rounds, they will get tired and require a "break," during which you can use either one move or two low energy rules (totaling about significant or less), though the latter part is largely ref's discretion. You also have a set number of three-movers going into the battle. I believe it's 1 per side in a 3v3 or less, 2 per side in a 4v4 or more.
    Cool! First off, all attack descriptions and species characteristics can be found on our website. here. All the information on that site is super useful, but a lot of it out of date. All of the attack and species stuff I mentioned before is essentially up to date, as is the glossary & definitions page. Even skimming that will help you get a grasp on things. If you have any specific questions, feel free to VM me and ask.
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