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  • Yeah, the possibilities are endless! I really wanted R&S remakes before the new gen, but I think that it's better this way. :) Now (hopefully) we'll be able to explore Hoenn in completely 3D after X&Y are released (assuming that they'll make the remakes then, which I'm really hoping for). There are so many other animals, plants, and ideas that they can base Pokemon on, and a sabertooth tiger fossil seems really cool. :) I'm hoping for maybe a steel type Eeveelution or a Flying, but I know I'll love them no matter what!

    I wish it was summer now, so then I wouldn't have to worry about school and stuff :/ I wish I could focus on the new games, but I have so much work to do.
    How could I forget you and our great talks? :D I'm glad to talk to you again! It really has been awhile, though. :)
    I'm really excited for the new games to come out. I don't think I can stand the wait, really. I just want them to show us more new Pokemon! Here's to hoping that we'll get a Mawile evolution this generation :)
    yes <3 we really do have a lot to catch up on! :) This week I have final exams, but my last day is on Monday! So excited for summer ~
    Well it's always good to feel suprised when you're playing through a new game! :D I pretty much know everything already :x but I was so excited back in May when the information started pouring out!

    I'll make sure to keep school my first priority :)
    It's better to get it in May then! Since then you will have much more time on your hands, well I hope at least! :D
    I'm going to get it on Sunday, hopefully. I've been waiting so long now ^w^
    Omg! it's been so long D:
    Life sure is busy ~_~ I've been pretty bust myself, with lots of school work and such.
    But B/W come out this weekend, tomorrow for you I guess :]
    It's weird, remember when we first met before the release of HG/SS? It feels like a lifetime since!
    oh yeah, that part was very unexpected! And the image in my mind was just terrible!
    I really love the name Sayuri. It's so beautiful and it seems to suit her well!
    oh yeah that's the part when she meets Nobu, correct?
    No i haven't, but i really want to soon! :D
    'Memoirs of a Geisha' is amazing. I'm not quite done bute i only have maybe 50 pages left! :D
    oh yeah i beat my official English SoulSilver in a week :) my final team (remember all that planning we did? xD) was...


    I couldn't find a Snubbull like i planned... but i loved my team.
    Hey! :D
    i'm doing okay in school. not too bad, not as good as i could do. I've been trying all this year to get good grades, and i'm doing a lot better than last year.
    Congrats on all those exams! :D i have like MAJOR state testing this week -_-; i'm gonna do soooo bad on the math section, stupid cubed roots and reflections.

    Your welcome :D i still re-read it maybe 3-4 times a year. I'll probably read it again this week!
    O_O you know what's scary? i'm reading that now too! i checked it out from my local library a few days ago but i just started!! Even though i'm on like page 8, it's really good so far. DON'T spoil anything! :)
    :) Card Captors is my favorite Anime. And Spirited Away is my favorite movie.

    There are a few Tobi Collins. ^^;

    I'm quite well. I've been hanging out with my old friend Thomas, as well as my new friend Aleene. It's been fun.

    Well, you certainly know more Japanese than me! xD But seriously!

    Matte Ne right back to you!
    ~Icyrose (Jenni/Jenny)
    i love the library too! it's a fun fun place with lots of happy books and sad books too... i like sad books better

    i had a physics exam too last friday. O_O i got an 88/100, not too bad. Had a Algebra test too, didn't get that one back yet. And of course i had a civics exam yesterday... school is so stressful

    i have stuff to do too but they're not due till my birthday (really, all 3 are due on my birthday -_-)
    wow you sure are smart, learning japanese and all. How'd you learn? i'd really want to learn too!
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