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  • just a head's up that you might want to edit your double posts in the thread. since the main demographic around here is twelve year old kids who want to 'INCRESE THERE POSTCOUNT' they don't take too kindly to that sort of thing, but it's great to see you back :)
    I see you haven't been on Serebii for two months, but if you happen to come back on, I hope you return to the pop thread. It's really not the same without you, and I loved our discussions in there.
    LoL @ 4th Killer's failed attempts to either troll or incite flamewars as usual today xD
    Kira and I have been passive-aggressive towards each other for a long while now. I've never liked him, it's clear he's never liked me—I just never would be so bold to presume things about him the way he does to every person in the thread. It was only a matter of time before he started a feud with me, but I'm not as nice as you unfortunately so I'm prepared to call him out on his childish behavior. I mean, no one in the thread really likes him especially after what he's been displaying as of late. Sorry you had to deal with it though, lol. You're harmless, you didn't deserve the lashing. I can be a shady b!tch though so I can't say the same for myself (though the manner in which he chose to lash out at me makes zero sense). ^_~
    Terrakion's not a Katy stan, btw. He's a small, fuzzy ball of happiness and optimism who loves everyone.
    Please sig this, I find it absolutely hilarious :p
    So, Born To Die is getting really polarizing reviews. Which I think you'll agree with me is far better than plain, average reviews. It seems that the UK is giving Lana fairer reviews and is putting out scores like 9/10, 4/5, etc. and the US is judging her on her SNL performance alongside her album and is giving her more mixed reviews. Reviews should obviously be without bias but clearly many American critics have been off-put by the SNL performance and it is showing in the reviews—many of them mention the performance, Brian Williams, etc., and her character rather than her music. It is too early to tell the Metacritic average at this point as it's not the 31st, but I'd expect it to land somewhere in the sixties. For someone who has been as controversial as Lana, I'd consider that a pretty big success.

    I've also read that she plans to re-release her previous album sometime this year that was recorded as 'Lana Del Ray aka Lizzy Grant'.

    Have you heard the album yet? If not I'd probably just wait for the release given that it's only four days away now. I'm still really enjoying it. My favorite tracks for your reference later: "Radio", "Dark Paradise", and "Without You". "Summertime Sadness" is great as well. Obviously I still love "Off to the Races".

    also, random thought, I don't know if this was intentional but I love how your signature progresses from red to purple to blue as if the colors are blending together!

    last edit, I promise: 100% obsessed with the MDNA cover art. looooooooove it.
    It's fantastic. I listened to the leak, but I've also pre-ordered the Deluxe—I probably would have canceled it if it hadn't blown me away, but it's exceeded expectations, by far.
    If you can find the leak (the link I used has been taken down), I have a feeling you'll love Born To Die. The Deluxe version leaked early this morning. I've had the album on loop for a couple of hours.
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