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  • Yeah, exactly. I still like the song too, don't get me wrong, but in line with the rest of the album? The lyrics are unimpressive. As for "Push", yeah, the verses aren't the best but I can overlook them for the chorus and the beat throughout. I can't really bring myself to sort through favorites at this point either but honestly "Isaac" has really impressed me. It's rare for me to go through an album and not want to skip a track—normally I just cycle through songs and repeat them depending on my mood, but all of the songs flow into each other beautifully. I can't bring myself to interrupt the design.

    Madonna has made me a very happy fan in the last few days... first with the album title (I do like MDNA—it is surprisingly clever; the name abbreviation, m + DNA, and then of course, the best one, the MDMA association), then with this amazing album. Truthfully I didn't really get into Madonna until I was about seventeen and until today I hadn't taken the time out to listen to one of her albums in full, but this was a fantastic surprise. Oh, and I can't forget this:

    I love Adele. I think she’s amazing and has an incredible voice. She impresses me most out of the new artists today.
    Of course Adele isn't really new, but I suppose in Madonna's world, three years is pretty new. :p
    Ha! "Jump" is on right now. I realized that I had heard it one of my favorite movies—The Devil Wears Prada (Meryl Streep is amaaazing), along with a few other Madonna songs. I pretty much love every track on the album, I struggled to find the weakest one but eventually decided on "I Love New York" just because I think the lyrics are a touch juvenile and the rest of the album is a pretty mature dance album, imo. Two of my favorites are actually "Isaac" and "Push", and I also really love "Get Together", "Sorry", and "Let It Will Be" ("Jump", too). Hell, like I said, I adore almost every song. The beat on "Push" is AMAZING. Yeah, I agree, the production is spot on. A fantastic album, truly. I can only hope she does something of this caliber with M.D.N.A.
    Shame on me for not listening to Confessions On A Dance Floor in full (and in order) until today. I can see why this album is so high on your overall list. It really is brilliant. I had only listened to "Hung Up" and "Sorry" in full prior to this, I think. I've now had the album on loop for about three hours now. Just makes me so much more excited for M.D.N.A.
    I'd gladly make a new thread myself, if only I know which mod would be best to talk to about this and what everyone wanted the rules to be like and what a good title would be. But I think WTJ has the new thread thing figured out better, if a mod would allow a new thread. That's my only real concern - whether they'd allow us to make a new thread or not.
    I can talk to Profesco about it if you'd like. Although he's not really the most senior of the section, he pretty much runs Misc haha :p Plus he knows me, I know him, it's all good.
    Don't allow him the pleasure he gets from your responses. The kid is washed up -- he's using the same trololol response on you that he did me. Apparently responses longer than a paragraph are too long for him! You're just too eloquent, Terrakion. ;)
    Ikr! 6) i hooked you up with mawile B) she's my bestie :eek: it was me && her at da chat lol.. we r out creepin' for someone new
    Electric Chapel sounds amazing :D I want to hear more of Government Hooker :( it sounds amazing in the remix.
    I've listened to Judas over 80 times in the past 3 weeks :D I wonder what Americano and Marry the Night sound like :O I want them now :'(
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