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  • No worries -- my replies tend to be late at times as well. Just take your time.

    I like the idea as well. The good news is I believe they are referred to by name in volume 11; so we should (hopefully) know what they'll be called in February. And yeah you're right; I'm pretty sure Viz is coming up with the names on their own. ^^ It is pretty funny they came up with the same thing though. =P

    Then again Chuang Yi is the Singaporean branch of Viz, so it may not be surprising that they might have something in common at times.

    You're very welcome. ^^ I'm glad to hear you're fine. Happy New Year btw.~ And it's okay, like I said just whenever you want to is fine with me. xD
    Hey, I don't know if you saw it yet, but Viz apparently kept Crys' nicknaming pattern from Chuang Yi in the new volume. Also, I found out Whitney's Pokemon nicknames are also in the Chuang Yi version as well. So, I don't know exactly how much, but it seems Viz does get some things from Chuang Yi after all. So far I'm liking Viz's newer releases though, they are taking the good from Chuang Yi and also sticking closer to the Japanese version on some things in their new translation. Pretty nice. X3 I just hope it keeps up...
    They could do that. And actually, thinking about it, Chakra really isn't that bad of a name, so I think they could possibly keep it as well. As for Kurtz, since it's basically Kurt with a z I think they would find that too close to Kurt the Pokeball maker. And especially since their target audience is kids, they might think kids would get confused or something, so I think they'll probably change it. Something like Cartz would be good, fairly close to the original but different enough to prevent confusion. They could possibly go with Curtz too, who knows? There will probably be some change with that name though, since I'm afraid it'll seem too similar.

    As for everyone else, they just might keep them, guess we'll just see. Compared with what Viz normally does the odds are in our favor that they'll keep them, at least.
    That's interesting about using the Japanese names in D&P Adventure, hopefully they'll do that then since there is a possibility. Now that you mention it they also use Japanese names for some characters in another one of their VizKids mangas, Megaman NT Warrior. (characters who currently didn't have any American names retained their original Japanese ones) I know Viz is usually great about using Japanese names for manga! only characters, even on their localized mangas, but for a Pokemon manga on their KidLabel I'm not so sure. Maybe so though. But I definitely wouldn't be surprised if they change them either, I just hope if they do they'll be good. (I agree with you that I hope they just use the Japanese names too)

    Is it odd that I can almost seem them doing a bit of both? Some characters Japanese names aren't bad at all and I could definitely see them using, like Siam, Saki and maybe even Ōka. But then some like Chakra or Kurtz might seem "too Japanese" or "too close to their other names" so I'm not sure. Guess we'll just see.

    Oh, I have another thing I want to post, but since this comment became kind of long I'll wait 'til my next reply if that's okay. ^^
    It's okay. ^__^ Thanks though. Actually, I'm sorry I swarmed you like that. I didn't mean to overwhelm you with messages or anything. So I took them off so there wouldn't be so many, and because some of them I just decided I should just would wait on. So no worries.

    Oh okay, thanks for the heads-up. Now I'll know next time just to PM you.

    My current guess is they'll either use the original Japanese names, or use new ones too. Although if they don't use the original Japanese names, I would personally prefer them to use the Chuang Yi ones since they aren't bad and I'm more used to them. Not to mention, it'd make there be a lot less confusion than there being 4 different names people could call one character. You are right though that Coronis has been fairly influential at times to Chuang Yi, but as for how influential Chuang Yi/Coronis has been to Viz, I honestly don't know yet. For example I know Viz used Vee for Red's Espeon and Chuchu for Yellow's Pikachu in volume 9 which are Coronis and Chuang Yi nicknames, but at the same time those names are the same in the Japanese version so I don't know. (Viz could have just been being like Coronis and Chuang Yi and trying to stay close to the original Japanese names) To be honest we really haven't seen enough yet to know how much influence Chuang Yi and/or Coronis have had on Viz, but from around volume 10 onward we should start getting more of an idea about these things.
    Hey, out of curiosity, I wanted to ask you something. How do you think they'll handle characters who aren't named after a game, a game character, or an anime character (in Mazie's case)? I'm talking characters like the Three Beast Rocket trio in FR/LG, and two of the Rocket admins in the GSC. (the male and female one based off the game characters, who, never got any name) Do you think they'll just keep their Japanese name, follow Chuang Yi or Coronis' names, or just make brand new ones? I know you don't like work for Viz or anything (XD), but I was just curious what your thoughts on what they might do are.
    You know, I'm a bit more hopeful now. I haven't picked it up yet (plan to though) but I hear that on volume 8 Viz kept good translations, are actually using nicknames now, even used the word 'die' again, even used a Japanese word meaning 'What the hell!?' XD (they didn't explain what it meant though, and although the original Japanese pun was kind of taken away since they used game names it still impressed me; as did the use of accurate game names in the first place XD) and best of all: No censorship. I hear they even KEPT YELLOW's Uncle AND HIS CIGARETTE, which if so that really shocked and impressed me. Especially since they edited it out for their teenage releases of like...Naruto for example, so that's pretty impressive. And I think my friends (and people on bulbapedia forums, ect.) said that there were only two typos as well. Hmm...I'm beginning to get more hopeful as these releases go buy....
    Yeah a lot of people seem not to. So had Viz just told them to go right-to-left originally all along.....there'd probably be almost no problem with their version besides errors/Blue/Green. :3 I'll probably still buy some of Viz's too, just hopefully the ones with little to no censorship, unless I just get desperate.

    Wow! I remember a lot of this stuff, but thanks for pointing it all out. :) The fact that they still use die and haven't edit some of the killing scenes makes me a bit more hopeful....but like you said I hope they won't change their mind when deaths are actually involved. :/

    Hopefully the dialogue won't be censored though, but I agree, that's probably the most they would do to censor them, if even that. But if not I'll be really happy. Just dunno how likely it is. :/

    That's true, the faster rate is nice, but it still doesn't really change the fact we're so many years behind. >>; Never know! The manga proved super popular in it's first edition (even won awards on Nickelodeon for Kids' Favorite Manga Series) so if they keep up they very well could go to monthly. At least I'm going to try to hope so. *fingers crossed* Either that or every volume here on must be uncensored and very good quality to make up for the wait xD
    Oh yeah! Sorry for comment overload, ^^;, but another thing is Chuang Yi keeps Pokemon nicknames, while aside of Pika and Yellow's party, Viz doesn't seem to be keeping. :/ Let alone following their naming patterns, and it's actually kind of a fairly big deal since that was something unique about the manga and that almost every character did. Maybe they'll change later on though. If not though...I guess ah well.
    I hope they will keep the deaths, since they are pretty important to that arc and it's ending. And I hope they just won't keep the images but edit to dialogue to 'they're passed-out' or something equally stupid, since I don't know if they keep the word 'death' or talk about people dying or being killed or anything, in their edited version right now. Hmm, it could be, since Satoshi's art is more detailed and graphic, but I'd kind of like to hope Ruby's face will be left alone since they seem to be keeping all the violence so far. I fear Gold and Blue might be changed too, but I hope not since I don't think it's as bad as the scene they deemed bad enough to sloppily edit, (not that I ever thought Pokeboobs was bad in the first place) as well as any changing of the image or dialogue would just make that scene kind of dumb and lose it's funny/flirty touch, imo. ^-^; *plus I'm pretty sure editing a whole person's pose would be a lot harder to edit than just a portion of someone's chest* I really hope that'll be it for censors though, if even that. The only other thing I could see them doing is editing Jagura/Carr's (the short guy in FR/LG) dialogue of when he's crashing the plane since he says he'll "be their executioner" and crash the plane to kill them all in revenge. I think that's it though. At least so far, since I'm just now on Emerald and haven't been too far through it or started D/P yet.
    That's true, every manga company has it's own mistakes and errors. (it seems only the Japanese originals are the truly non-error non-censored copies available) I just wanted to point that out about the censorship though since a lot of people are especially hard on Chuang Yi, and they really aren't as bad as everyone says they are. I mean they only flip manga in the first place for example because they worked with Viz and Viz told them too , when they worked together on their first editions. And even their translations are just like Chuang Yi's just occasionally milder ('suicidal acts' to 'irrational act's, for example). But I can understand that, just a personal quirk of mine is that censorship is worse compared to unedited flips. Yeah, Chuang Yi is about 4-5 times ahead of Viz's 7 volumes, since they are already on volume 33. (Japan is on 35, soon to be 36) The sad thing about Viz is if they actually do keep up and do a good job, they wouldn't be caught up to Japan 'til around 2014, and by then there would be about 16-17 MORE volumes out. Thanks though, I'll definitely get whatever I decide to and you can too of course. (Currently I'm preferring reading it online right now, since it's uncensored, and there are some right to left Blue-girl Green-boy scanlations and they are farther ahead) I just wanted to point out that additional point.
    Um, I know this is old, but Chuang Yi also has no censorship unlike Viz. xD That's another thing besides 'Just has more volumes released.' And sure it has the Blue/Green name switch and typos but so does Viz's. :p I do agree though, the flipping sucks as well as I think the censorship does. So what I think I'll personally do is buy Viz's but get Chuang Yi's for censored volumes. Just my personal quirk. Only thing that urks me besides my pet peeve of censoring is the later volumes, with more violence and deaths and Gold patting Blue's butt and all...but hopefully they'll keep it since only Pokeboobs seem to cause problems. XD
    How do you change your username? I saw you posted on the origin of your username thread and said you had it changed so how do you do it?
    Yeah, even I made those so-called "friends" quite quickly when I cared to be active and/or out of the ban station.

    Heck, I was the only poster actually here for a while; man, empty profile is empty.
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