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  • That's good. Although I am envious of people who know what they want to do early in life. There's not really anything I have a passion for, although maybe that's because I need to experience more.
    I know, which is why I'm not panicking. :) A lot of people put pressure on college students to decide on a major, but I don't let it get to me. I still have yet to explore many options!
    I got held up a bit because of a medical condition, but technically I'm in my second year. I'm maybe about halfway through my pre-reqs.
    No problem, thanks for accepting. :) Good for you! It took me a really long time to decide on what I probably want to do. I had been through every idea in the book haha. Vet, astronaut, marine biologist, etc... Yes, the medical field is huge, thank goodness for that.
    Yeah, you Battle against other players who do the same, but it's kinda rare to find people on the Forums who play them on WiFi, so for it Competetive Battlers tend to use Online Battle Simulators for them :eek:
    Well, the amount of money you can get if you do it perfectly in the turns is almost double of what you pay.
    Except the Sushi High Roller, where you get no money at all because you pay just as much as you earn.
    Also, LC is a form of Competetive Battling, it's where everyone uses Non-Evolved Pokémon, all at Level 5.
    It's pretty fun, I think :3
    Totally nothing to do with the fact Surskit is rated as the fourth best Pokémon there, no way.
    Regarding the Thread o yours, in the Restaurants it's kinda like the Maid Battle in Platinum, in that if you follow the correct amount of Turns, you get Items, but these sell far a massive amount of money.
    Hey, you're supposed to make your own introductory Threads, not reply with your stuff in another's, you know ;p
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