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  • I'll copy-past EAI's answer on the matter:
    "Hmmm - hmmm, tricky one
    I'll probably need to discuss it with Marion and Emily first to properly discuss what's fair in this case
    Essentially the trade 'was done' last year for the account which you now locked.
    Add to that, technically we don't want those who are quitting giving away all their Pokémon to members just like that but that isn't the case here and you have proof that a valid deal was set up beforehand.
    Strictly speaking (and because we don't want to piss off the FB mods on Serebii) the trades have to occur on the forum where both players are playing. In this case, UPN would be the safest choice and I'm not entirely sure why Reyzadren can't trade over there
    had a brief discussion
    Basically: the trade is happening now and not in the past. Serebii FB (UC) and UPN FB are separate entities meaning trades can't occur between these two games. I'm not sure in which game Rayzadren wants to stay (if he does) but the trade has to occur on UPN by both participants"

    In short, they say you can gift it to me in UPN (since gifting is now allowed), but not on Serebii.
    I made a new aacount and locked MarbleZone, starting over from scratch. Wouldn't it be simpler if you posted on the UPN cable club saying you're gifting it to me, since that's allowed now? Otherwise thanks but it's too convoluted and I'd rather pass. Thanks :)
    I'm sorry but I must be missing something obvious... Why would we need to go around rules to begin with? Aren't you on UPN as well? Sorry for not following :/
    Yes, but not applicable if you left the game! It was about an eventual trade for that Swablu we talked about last year. But if you're done with FB, nevermind ^^ Thanks!
    You're not supposed to post in the Serebii Daycare anymore. Itzatrap just did the last update so Tess had the details to copy and paste into the UPN shops. We're supposed to pick up our Pokémon at UPN and not drop them back off this week.
    Hey. As with the earlier Swablu, if Sun/Moon brings nothing to the HootHoot line, would you consider a trade? Cheers
    Hey man. Much like with Rufflet, I'd like to take a shot at your latest hatch for my birdkeeper character - unless you have plans for it, in which case nevermind! :)
    The Sun Stone I have, I need for myself. I'll fold on Rufflet, unfortunately. Maybe I'll run into another one day.
    Neither do I, depends on what items you're after. I offered a Thunder Stone to match, have other hold items, can offer custom TMs or held items from Staff Rewards, but it kinda depends on what you value.
    Sorry for the miscommunication then. I assumed publicly meant for everyone to see since not everyone will remember to check Serebii VMs. Please let me know if someone raises.
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