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Recent content by Reyzadren

  1. Reyzadren

    What did You Get for Christmas (2021)

    Bought a small decorative christmas tree for my table.
  2. Reyzadren

    What else is there to add to Pokemon games, beside 60fps, to make them more fun?

    All the remaining type combinations of pokemon to be added. Still waiting~
  3. Reyzadren

    Social Media platforms

    None, they don't have features that I want. So, I'll just say Youtube or Flickr if you count them as social media.
  4. Reyzadren

    If you were a gym leader, what would be your team?

    4th gym leader: Dark. (Crack badge) Drapion, houndoom, crawdaunt.
  5. Reyzadren

    What phone do you have?

    HTC Desire 610. I still have this smartphone since graduate school.
  6. Reyzadren

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    The sims 4 do have toddlers, they were added to the base game after an update a few years ago. I never use toddlers in my storyline though.
  7. Reyzadren

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Just bought The Sims 4 from the Steam Summer Sale. Wow, this game really makes you think of your ideal house.
  8. Reyzadren

    What's the story behind your avatar?

    Portrait of a nameless character from an online game called All Points Bulletin.
  9. Reyzadren

    Favorite Dragon-Type Pokémon?

    My favourite dragon type pokemon is turtonator, but I don't like dragon types in general.
  10. Reyzadren

    Who is/are your favorite Electric-type Pokémon?

    Galvantula is my favourite electric type pokemon, but I don't really like electric types to begin with, heh.
  11. Reyzadren

    What's The Last Thing You Buy?

    A mini gift box as a room decoration.
  12. Reyzadren

    Favorite Psychic type

    Claydol is my favourite psychic type pokemon.