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  • That's most likely the main reason everything's quieted down. I like to also point to the rules becoming more strict as to why all the forum drama has just dropped, but I dunno. Although based on what I've seen in some folks' signatures, apparently the community's gotten more hateful or something and that's why people left? I'm not entirely sure where that all came from, but it explains why a lot of chill members have up-and-left.

    My guess is the shippers all moved to Tumblr lol. Unless the AmourShippers drove them away because oh my God they've been batshit insane.
    Yeah, Serebii's good at what it does and I'm glad it's still around, but I do wish it'll have more upgrades and more interesting ways to captivate visitors. That subculture seems to have dwindled, though. I was kind of aware of its existence, but like it just went away once people started to leave and there came to be less forum drama. (That's what I kinda miss, honestly.)

    I agree, barren subforums are sad to look at. They came to existence for a reason, but for whatever reason, they just couldn't bring in people. And then there are those that have always been popular but are slowly becoming wastelands. I swear to you the shipping community subforum was once lively and active, but it's gotten stale these last few years. Not entirely sure why.
    Indeed. I think it also doesn't help that Serebii just hasn't been doing new things/updates to try and liven things up. I know the fan fiction section has been trying their hardest to make it more active, but I don't know how well they've been succeeding. I do think it's a shame forums are slowly dying out, I honestly prefer message boards over the other forms of social media tbh.

    Yeaaaaah I'm not really lurking very well since I only have very few interests at this point xD. Sometimes I'll check out another board, but that just depends on how I feel that day lol.
    Heeeeeey there. I've seen you around as well over the years, but yeah, we never did talk.

    Anyhoo, things are alright, nothing exciting and stuff lol. As for being somewhat active, I dunno, habit I guess. I've been slowly becoming more of a lurker just checking up on things and replying to a few threads here and there. The place is way too damn quiet, though, don't think anything really exciting has happened for a few years. Sun and Moon (and X and Y) sure as hell didn't keep any of the newcomers' interests very long.
    You're not allowed to flaunt muscles. All other tangents have been dosregarded. No muscle flaunting.
    If you're reading this and wondering where I'm at, come send me a DM on Discord, my user name is Rezzo#7515
    I slept for ten hours last night. Then, I was awake for an hour and a half before going back to bed for another 2 hours
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