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    This is the best team my unworthy eyes have ever looked upon. I came in my shorts and was cleansed of my sins when I witnessed this team in all it's glory. And then I realized your name is Jimmy and the orgasms exploded through my system like spontaneous combustion. As I lay in a puddle of my own ejaculant, gasping and wheezing in ecstasy, the answers of the universe poured into my mind telling me the meaning of life and describing the apocalypse in perfect detail. I managed crawl back over to my laptop from my epiphany inducing sexual climaxes so I could tell you what your team did to me.

    All I can say is this: thank you. Thank you for making your team and posting it for me to see. Thank you Extremcario.
    we will never forget
    Hi. I'm new here and I was wondering if you could rate my Double Battle strategies. Here it is: First i send out my Dugtrio and Rotom. Rotom uses Discharge and Dugtrio uses Earthquake and because of Rotom's Levitate Ability and Dugtrio being a Ground-type Pokemon, the moves don't affect each other. If they both faint, I send out my Gengar and Gigalith. Gigalith uses Explosion and since Gengar is a Ghost-type Pokemon, it doesn't affect it. And if the opponent has a Ghost-type Pokemon on their side of the field, my Gengar uses Shadow ball on them, since Ghost is Super Effective against Ghost, like Dragon is Super Effective against Dragon. If all else fails, i send out my Machamp and Togekiss. Machamp is holding a Flame Orb and has the Guts Ability so its Attack is not decreased but is increased by 1.5. Then my Machamp uses Focus Punch and my Togekiss uses Follow Me, so Machamp has time to charge Focus Punch and then attacks with an amazing power of 338 (150 at start, +75 (same type bonus) x1.5 (guts ability) =337.5 or rounded to 338). Sorry this message is so long, but please rate my team and strategies and suggest any tips to improve with. Thank You Very Much.
    please tell me why you always use indents in your text when you post it has always annoyed me and calum used to be jealous of it
    just playin pokemon as usual lol. got into this 5th gen crap despite my previous thoughts toward it lol
    Please come back for 5th gen. WIthout you what will all the noobs do? I learned tons from you and blue_ace. Oh woe to the downfall of the RMT.
    Yet, I'm sure it will all come back to you with time.
    On another note, how've you been?
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