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Last Activity:
Sep 22, 2016
Nov 25, 2008
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Rhys29 was last seen:
Sep 22, 2016
    1. Ragnarok
      Hilarious sig. I haven't loled so hard in my life.
    2. AquaMilotic
      Hold up. Mence actually got banned? Perhaps I could start playing again.
      You said that in a thread about Salamence being Uber. Be serious, do you think this is a good thing? Smogon is going too far. Who will be banned next? Scizor? TTar? Heatran? Lucario?

      People never complained about it, a few months ago some (...) made a thread on Smogon trying to make it Uber. The thread got closed, but then everybody wanted to ban Salamence.

      This is (...). Finally built a leaderboard-worthy team with Salamence, Smogon (...) my team.

      Now you start playing, who'll be your replacement? Dragonite could replace MiMence, Kingdra and Dragonite could replace DD Mence.

    3. JRCxyz
      I'm not busy but I have been playing Call of Duty a lot on the PS3. I ran into Kingdrom there, which is quite awesome. I'll be dropping by, too.
    4. JRCxyz
      Oh, wow, you're still active. Hey ;D. Catch me up (I think that's how it's said xD).
    5. GerbilGuy
      Ah, I see.
    6. GerbilGuy
      Hey Rhys could you explain those EVs for Rotom-H?:
      252 HP / 112 Defense / 144 Speed

    7. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      Oh cool, thank you.
    8. AquaMilotic
    9. AquaMilotic
      I've seen your hax team. I am glad I haven't played against it.

      Maybe a hax team with Milotic (and Togekiss and Jirachi of course). Another idea: Lanturn (Confuse Ray and TWave). I battled a Lanturn some days ago and it was (...). Double screens can be an idea too.

      A downside: Opponents keep complaining if they get flinched. When I used my old Togekiss team, I defeated 14 opponents in a row, all complaining about hax.

      I am not sure if I will do it, but it is an option. Since the start of 2010 I mainly used Rain teams.

    10. randomspot555
      @randomspot555: Actually the Pokemon Company does take suggestions, just not from standard peeps often. It's like Halo: they ran with ideas a vast majority wanted. My friend at Nintendo knows the guy who suggested/made Draco Meteor. The way games stay so good as they progress through each installment is catering to their market.
      They must've come up with a heck of a waiver. Game Freak would owe him a ton of royalties if they actually USED a fan's suggestion, otherwise known as a consulting fee. This is much different than focus group testing, which I'm sure most Nintendo properties do, where they ask a group what they think of X or Y idea or product.

      It's cool you're going to be a game tester, but it's an extremely dull job. You're going to be finding bugs in the game. The former translator of the series, from Gen I until Platinum, only got to name like 4 Pokemon. That was his sphere of influence. TPCi has very little, if any, creative control over the games. They might've pushed for stuff like the no-gambling thing, but that's about it. It's interesting they're doing it all in-house, rather than hiring contractors. Must be a lot cheaper.
    11. randomspot555
      RE: Sunny Day.

      I've actually been caught off guard on Shoddy by Sunny Day Moltres. I guess it has decent enough bulk that if it uses Roost, it can do some serious damage.
    12. randomspot555
      I'd love to, but unfortunately, my Wi-Fi is non existant and Shoddy is no longer working on my computer. If either changes, I'll let ya know.

      I could use another voice of intelligence over in this thread:
    13. Atomic
      Thanks man I'll see what I can do.
    14. Raddaya
      Psst I'm going away from tomorrow to the 17th in case some spammer spams up teh chat
    15. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      Why do you want to lure in Rotom and Starmie? Raikou does decent against both of them. Starmie just dies and Rotom can't break the Subs.

      Gyarados is ok, but craps out against the scarfers. Tyranitar ravages the scarfers and eats all but WoW defensive Rotom. Lum Berry Specially Defensive Pursuit TTar rips apart both pokemon. Dragon Dance or "Bait" TTar can work too. Sandstorm blows right in Raikou's face, which is probably worse then the two afore mentioned pokemon. Pursuit Choice Band Snorlax also tricks both into switching to death. Assuming he can avoid the Will-O-Wisp. Choice Band Double Edge and Selfdestruct each hit like a sledgehammer even when burned. Double Edge hits harder then Lucario's LO Close Combat and Selfdestruct can OHKO a Skarmory.

      CB Snorlax rips apart standard counters like Machamp and Lucario. Double Edge hits Lucario for up to 80% and OHKO 252 HP Machamp 74% of the time with Stealth Rocks.

      .. what do you have against Rotom and Starmie?
    16. Aoki
      Would you mind battling me
    17. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      If Flygon switches in on your Substitute you can OHKO it with HP Ice.

      A Dugtrio that can survive TTar's attacks? Max HP Dugtrio is OHKOed by no item Crunch 92% of the time switching in on Stealth Rocks. If you max the Defense and Attack with Impish he will survive a Crunch, but no attack from the Choice Bander except Stone Edge (and just barely).

      I think Gyarados can switch in on Gliscor and Salamence a little better then Flygon, and has better defensive coverage with Raikou.

      HP Fighting ives Raikou some hope of not being annihilated by Tyranitar's Pursuit. I don't think it works well with Substitute, but on the Calm Mind three attacks Raikou who does it very well.
    18. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      Then Tyranitar would rape it, as would Seismic Toss Blissey, Swampert, Snorlax, any status, etc.

      With Substitute Raikou would beat Flygon all the same depending on how much damage U-turn can do.
    19. zapper22001
      I read your guides btw.
    20. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      No, I agree sub-Calm Minder is "meh" (not really bad, just beaten by too much). But offensive Calm Minder has a.. "decent" chance of sweeping on heavy offense..

      ... Ah **** it, Raikou sucks.
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