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Sep 22, 2016
Nov 25, 2008
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Rhys29 was last seen:
Sep 22, 2016
    1. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      LO Raikou with Calm Mind can OHKO TTar at +1, so he's not a complete Starmie clone. Thunderbolt + HP Fighting or Grass + Shadow Ball has very good coverage, all he has to do is get around his few counters.

      I think that is one of the only things Raikou can do well besides Sub Calm Minder. Jirachi does that about as well too.
    2. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      I just hate Raikou. People think he's original, so EVERYONE makes teams built around it.
    3. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      Lets just say Reflect vs Will-O-Wisp is just a matter of opinion lol.

      I wish the Raichu analysis wasn't deleted.. it would have been fun to see how the guy (girl?) defended himself when the flaws were pointed out.
    4. zapper22001
      Rhys, I was wondering if you were ever going to finish the in-depth version of Salavior's EVing guide.
    5. Blue Harvest
      Blue Harvest
      Its probably for the best that topic was locked, since our debates never go anywhere good..
    6. randomspot555
      Things like avoiding Will-O-Wisp on Rotom for Reflect since it has 100% accuracy and alows for either active pokemon to switch and still be in effect.
      That's why I usually use both. Makes CB Scizor's Pursuit do a laughable amount of damage.

      What's the best Rotom form for a RestTalk set (and it's set)? I'm most used to using the Lawn Mower form, but I'm open to using others if they're better suited.
    7. :wub:disc
      man why did kinder surprise get banned? he was so fun to play around with ):
    8. :wub:disc
      man what a great burn, you are almost worthy of being on my friends list
    9. :wub:disc
      I want to enjoy the games and by playing competitively I have hurt my ability to do so.

      read: i am bad at pokemon
    10. zapper22001
      That's alright. Just thought I'd ask. and yea, JRC said he was gonna go inactive for a bit because he's busy, but that's all I know.
    11. Reno
      I have help this time.
    12. zapper22001
      Hey, would you be interested in tutoring for Bld? You're really good with EV's and everything so you would make a good tutor. Though you mentioned something about not wanting to do competitive battling anymore so I just thought I'd ask.
    13. Blackace
      Hey bro sup? Do you remember me from Marriland?

      Why did you quit Marriland everyone misses. Maybe if you could pop in once a week everyone will be THRILLED to see you.

      I mean it.

      Btw I have got a RMT half completely if you could rate it I would REALLY appreciate it.

    14. Wizard of 'Cos
      Wizard of 'Cos
      Ah, just saw your last post. Scratch my last comment ^_^
    15. Wizard of 'Cos
      Wizard of 'Cos
      Big brother Rhys is rating and not trolling? What is this madness?
    16. zapper22001
      Thanks Rhys. That clears things up for me.
    17. AquaMilotic
      It is great you are back.

    18. groovitational snubbul
    19. randomspot555
      If you ever wanna battle, I'm on the Smogon Shoddy server under notthegoatseguy. I usually have "No Challenges" checked, so just PM me on Shoddy.
    20. ~Wobbuffet~
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