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Last Activity:
Sep 22, 2016
Nov 25, 2008
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Rhys29 was last seen:
Sep 22, 2016
    1. Digital Love
      Digital Love
      BA thinks MY last name is Beedle o_O
    2. polelover44
      Oh btw Rhys, I finally made a team with Dunsparce. I underestimated it. Body Slam 3HKOs Golduck. O.O
    3. CROWN
      Hy Rhys29. Just wondering about this but do you get involved in the CAP forum on Smogon?
    4. polelover44
      hai Rhys. Yes, Im here too.
    5. calum
      Can you come on CVC chat
    6. JRCxyz
      Thanks a lot for contacting Myoko. I helped her with her singles Rain Dance team, but my lack of knowledge on Doubles kept me from helping her again.

      What in the world means the word "Scrub"?

      I'll be rating teams on Marriland on the night, just thought you'd like to know. I don't know how people are going to "know I'm with you to get some good ol' respect" though.
    7. JRCxyz
      Since for some reason I'm not able to edit my last post I'll simply double post. I know you won't care.

      Zomg (I don't know what the **** the Z means but who cares) that dude had a mistake. He said that defensive Zapdos run a Timid nature, but defensive Zapdos run a Bold nature. Even though that doesn't matter in that case, I thought you might want to know he was wrong.

      Also, send me that damn PM, please. One last thing, I need your help so I can help someone. I don't play Double Battles and my friend needs advice to make a team for Double Battles. Before I send her to you I'll ask you something. Is Rain Dance viable for Double Battles? I mean, if it's as destructive if not better as it is in standard? I told her that you're a great and that you'll help her, so do it.
    8. JRCxyz
      Oh my ****. I haven't even start reading that but I saw that's a monster. He's like Kingdrom in esteroids and lots and lots of coffee. I hope that when you said "see yourself" you meant that that's how I should be. And you didn't tell me what the hell is a "Scrub"?
    9. JRCxyz
      Oh my ****. I haven't even start reading that but I saw that's a monster. He's like Kingdrom in esteroids and lots and lots of coffee. I hope that when you said "see yourself" you meant that that's how I should be. And you didn't tell me what the hell is a "Scrub"?
    10. JRCxyz
      I lurked a bit around Marriland and noticed a couple of things.

      First, you're (not very surprising though) the most intelligent rater. Also, at least the threads I saw, are filled with gimmick sets. Maybe not gimmick, but they suck XD.

      Second, the overuse (lol OU) of the word "Scrub". I, as a not native speaker of english, don't know the meaning of words you don't hear everyday, or in your english class. Also, I'm to lazy to check what "Scrub" means =P.

      On another topic, where is my PM you were send me >.>? Anyways, I'll send you a PM of great importance.
    11. JRCxyz
      I'll check it out then. I know you won't let me down. I'm curious about that PM might be about.
    12. JRCxyz
      I continued here because VM's can only carry a max of 1000 characters, wich sucks.

      I personally like the home-like, more friendly environment of Serebii - the reason I didn't left to Smogon when I stopped posting. Also, because I had faith that we (the certified raters and me) could revive CRMT. I guess my faith also died along CRMT.

      One last thing, the link you gave me doesn't work.
    13. JRCxyz
      I know how you feel about spending your time analysing a team to make a rate that will actually benefit the OP in a great manner and then he/she never comes. Even though my rates aren't as great or as complete as yours, I take my time to make quality rates, or at least used to. I say used to because I wrote all my reasons of why I what I'm suggesting is the best option just for the stupid OP to never come back, or in Lucario 101 (or something)'s case, not even listen and say he's right no matter what. Don't get me wrong, I like that the OP asks me why what I'm suggesting is the best option instead of simply doing whatever a rater says blindly.
      I know GS and AA aren't the best, but they at least know what they're talking about. For example, they know what's the Leftovers optimal recovery point, how to get an Hp stat with minimum Life Orb recoil, and what jump points are. Even though those are pretty basic things, those are also basic things that your everyday rater seems to lack.
    14. JRCxyz
      Rhys, I almost forgot to tell you. I already talked with Salavoir and sent a message to Blue Ace about it. We need the certified raters to post more or the CRMT will die. Actually, the beginning of the end for the CRMT has already started, something that is reflected by the lack of intelligent members in the forums. I personally see that the only intelligent raters that are left other than the certified raters are Groovitational Sunnubul and Awesome A. The problem with GS is that he hates how people don't follow advice and try to learn. Also, another reason for CRMT to fall, is the low numbers of posts made by you and the absence of Kingdrom and Salavoir. So I was looking for the certified raters' support to revive CRMT.
    15. JRCxyz
      I was just giving an example, but was it right? I used the 252 Hp example since I was doing it while I was typing and that seemed like the best.

      So... you said you like my team ^__^. Why is that? I know you hate Jirachi for the lack of skill needed to be used effectively, but my other lead -Imfernape- is way more cool and effective imo. That team was made to use the surprise factor to get an edge against my opponent. For example, I use SpecsMence, RD Kingdra, Physically based MixApe, and SD Lucario, and Scarf Flygon. Only Flygon and Lucario are the "usual sets" and I see that those sets will benefit my team the most.
    16. JRCxyz
      Is Raito that good? I mean I've heard a lot of this Raito Light and how well he plays.

      My email is jr_599@hotmail.com.

      Also, I'll try to reach the equilibrium with the aforementioned Scizor. Scizor with 252 Hp Ev's reaches a stat of 344. The 81.48% of 344 is 200.2912, that rounded down is 200. So the spread (not finished obviously) is 252 Hp/ 200 Def or Sp.D? I know you said that Scizor should invest more in Sp.D because the Pokemon that he's going to trap with Pursuit are going to attack him from the special side of the damage spectrum. So the spread is 252 Hp/ 48 Att/ 200 Sp.D/ 8 Spe. The Speed is set to outrun Vaporeon, something you know 'cuz I saw it on one of your posts. Is this right?
    17. JRCxyz
      Since I don't have AIM I'll add you to MSN. Also, even though this sucks, I won't be able to play now. I'll when I'm available in MSN.
    18. JRCxyz
      Well, I don't care if you haven't play in some time, I want to beat you >.<. Since you're not playing so much you can always play some matches on ladder and heat up a bit before we play ;D. Also, can you give me an example on how the equilibrum works? I know you made some sets of Scizor with, as you said, perfect equilibrum. Can you use Scizor as your example since you already reached the perfect equilibrum with him.
    19. JRCxyz
      Hi Rhys, long time no see ^_^. After we played on shoddy you told me that I should get a chunk of battles under my belt and gain experience, well I've done that. I've played a lot and I even care about my rating now. I made an alt account to get my rating higher than normal and I think I may beat you now. Oh, and a question: How you reach the equilibrum of a mon's defenses?
    20. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      Damn, i don't have an AR, and i'm pretty sure you can't get them in New Zealand, oh well it's still a cool idea.

      when would it be taking place? just out of interest
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