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Sep 22, 2016
Nov 25, 2008
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Rhys29 was last seen:
Sep 22, 2016
    1. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      so you hack the pokes in-game?
    2. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      yea, i was just skimming the surface really, i don't want to be telling people their team is **** before i know the community a bit better.
      What is Pokesav? i heard of it. is it like a game shark?
    3. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      lol, yea it looks like it's worth a laugh. it'll be so unpredictable. but how does it work, like is it Wi-Fi, cos i don't know how to hack, or is it on a program similar to shoddy?

      btw my name there is Crudkip, cos Groovitational Snubbul didn't fit lol
    4. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      yea thats pretty much what i was trying to get accross to GSk.

      and thanks.
    5. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul

      could you give me the link?
    6. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      he whats happening with the whole apprentice dealy?
    7. Fire master of the east
      Fire master of the east
      hey hows it going? haven't talked to you in a long time. lol
    8. Isaac
      Did u forget all about gravity?! Magnet rise wont work so I did this
      Magezone @ Chupa Berry (Lowers power of a supereffective ground hit)
      -Zap Cannon
      -Hidden Power Ground (To hit ground rock types,and steel physics)
    9. Isaac
      Rhy, just a quick question should I risked the 4x weakness to ground by putting a magnezone? Probopass could possibly do the same thing just with less SpA and more def and SpD, so the 4x weakness would do so much dmg to it
    10. Isaac
      So could u help me w/ my team?
    11. Isaac
      Damnit I guess Ill just use teeter dance and get regigigas the berry that cures confusion. Whatever that is
    12. Isaac
    13. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      k thanks, i was just wondering :)
    14. groovitational snubbul
      groovitational snubbul
      hey man i noticed that on GSk's thread, you said that mix-mence was good as a suprise, yet a while ago on one of my old (and extremely fail) threads, you said that mix-mence was outdated, is that due to the increacing popularity of DD-mence? or some other reason.
    15. JRCxyz
      I'm not sure if you read what I wrote, but anyways I'll repeat it. I didn't make any moves because my computer ran out of batteries, after I turned it on I couldn't make any moves even if I clicked them, I was lagging. I'm sorry I made you wait that much time (like 3 minutes maybe 5).

      I'll go to chatbox.
    16. JRCxyz
      Actually I'm able to go to any chatbox. Can we battle now? I won't be able to play until tonight, and that must likely means like 3 a.m. for you. I played yesterday after a 3 months break so it shouldn't be that difficult for you.
    17. JRCxyz
      Also, can we play a match in shoddy? I was thinking of quetions to ask you but I couldn't think of any, but I'm really not sure if I'm ready to give up on your tutoring, well my point is that I thought if we play a match and I win I'm ready to be called your graduate but if I lose, I'll go back to tutoring.
    18. JRCxyz
      Just so you don't miss them again, here is how you calculate any 'jump points' mathematically:

      For base stats ending in 3 or 8, Tn = -8 + 40n

      For base stats edning in 4 or 9, Tn = -16 + 40n

      For base stats ending in 0 or 5, Tn = -24 + 40n

      For base stats ending in 1 or 6, Tn = -32 + 40n

      For base stats ending in 2 or 7, Tn = -40 + 40n

      where Tn = the EVs required for a 'jump point,' all Tn's are in the range [0, 248], and n is an integer ≥ 1.

      I haven't combined these into one formula yet (assuming it's possible) because it should be fairly easy to track your 'jump points.' Just look for the least amount of EVs it takes to make your minimum stat equal a multiple of ten, then add 40 EVs to those. Each extra 40 EVs equals another 'jump point,' which is really what the equations are saying in plain English.
      I think this is what we both needed for the irregular jump points.
    19. m190049
      Can you help me...?
    20. 2Girls1Muk
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