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Recent content by Rhys29

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    First Competitive Team >.>

    Perhaps I didn't convey my goal with this team clearly? I'm well aware I won't see these threats in normal competitive, but I'm not playing normal competitive. Since I'm in a very closed circuit, where I know each of my opponent's threats quite well, I am preparing for threats I know I will see...
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    First Competitive Team >.>

    Thanks for catching the Superpower, I actually run Brick Break. Celebi is a good idea, but I have two issues with it. 1. It makes me a bit more Lucario weak which I almost can't afford at this point and 2. Celebi is a ***** to get perfect, especially since I missed the event. I could possibly...
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    First Competitive Team >.>

    Wow. Things have a new look around here... I don't even have to put in the indent tags now. Hello to those who remember me! To those who don't, you might have seen my warstory, that one with Seaking. I have been gone for a very long time and I have totally neglected research on Pokemon for...
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    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    Well, I have to say you gave me more information than I bargained for. I did like the idea of Volbeat, but I don't see Nidoking threatening as much without his Speed boost. Salamence, Jirachi, Celebi, Starmie, Landorus, Terrakion, Dugtrio, Haxorus, Latios/Latias etc. all outrun and have the...
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    Ask a Question Thread - READ FIRST POST

    So I'm trying to build a team around Nidoking and I'm wondering what others' thoughts are on teammates. This will be for the OU environment. The set I will be using is the following. Name: Nidoking Item: Life Orb Ability: Sheer Force Nature: Timid Evs: 4 HP / 252 Special Attack / 252...
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    Dragon Claw or Outrage?

    Any offensive set with an intent to hit hard with physical Dragon-type attacks should run Outrage. Considering most players would use Dragon Claw two or more turns in a row anyways, you don't miss out on much. On a well designed team, rarely would a Steel-type be at 100% when the Dragon-type...
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    Nidoking Discussion Thread

    This. Considering Heracross has roughly the same power as Nidoking and has the exact same Speed, and he's a bad choice for a Choice Scarf, I would advise against it. Not to mention there are far better special tanks and walls than physical, which means Nidoking has an even harder time running a...
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    I don't really rate like this... so please don't send me another one of those. Your doubles...

    I don't really rate like this... so please don't send me another one of those. Your doubles strategy should function, but it won't. You can't team up any members of your team outside of the pre-battle strategy other than Dugtrio and Togekiss/Gengar. This means if you lose one of your teammates...
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    Playing With Your Favorites

    It's more 'if you're going to use Slaking, use him for this'. Haxorus doesn't have a priority attack (even if it isn't STAB), Pursuit, or the bulk Slaking offers. And those 3 Speed points allow a tie with all base 100's, so it can atleast it can attempt to threaten those Pokemon. Though it is...
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    It centers the text better so you don't have to scan from one side of your computer screen to...

    It centers the text better so you don't have to scan from one side of your computer screen to the next. It's mostly for aesthetics.
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    Playing With Your Favorites

    Slaking works just fine as a revenge killer and that's all he should be to any tier above NU (and even in NU it's probably the best thing he can do).
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    Playing With Your Favorites

    I have updated OP. I'm glad to see some discussion and I'm surprise this thread has gotten as much traffic as it has. This made me lol An example of this is deciding on playing a tier like OU: you're already limiting yourself from Pokemon that are only available in the Ubers tier. Another way to...
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    Playing With Your Favorites

    In this thread I would like to spark discussion of players who use only their favorite Pokemon (I refer to them as prioritized players). To clarify, these are not players who like a large variety of Pokemon, nor players who use their favorites and are equally open-minded, or even players who...
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    Forretress VS Ferrothorn

    Mostly this comes down to personal preference or what you're looking for on your team. I looked at each candidate in terms of several categories. ~ Offensive ~ Ferrothorn wins this without question. Though they have similar Attack stats and almost equally negligible Special Attack...
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    Still Getting Used to 5th Gen ~Regenerator Team~

    Thunder Wave would not be for the physical sweepers, and things like Conkeldurr would be burned right off the bat anyways. Thunder Wave would be for what switches into Slowbro to help ease Mienshao's slightly higher than average Speed. Team is updated, switched Starmie for Tentacruel to add...