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  • no i am steve jubs :C

    but here's your consolation prize nn

    how is worship a deity worse than insulting someone? and it still doesn't matter because I don't worship the devil. you, however, call people retards on a reguler basis, which makes you an A-hole
    Stay on form, Ri-Chan! Calling someone a retard isn't a very civil comment to make, tut tut~

    Aw fooey. You're nice enough, and easy to talk to. You go ahead and enjoy whichever sections you want. ^_^
    Well, as long as you keep a more level head than half the flamers and upstarts we normally see around here, you'll be A-okay in my book.

    And please, spread yourself around and find more sections to enjoy, it'll be fun! I frequent the Pokemon Anime section, myself. They never lack for interesting discussions.

    Whew, I was modded in August of '08, so that was indeed a long time ago if it's the case. =0
    Sure I remember you. Or, I remember Pokemonmaster21 - I had no idea you've been Ri-Chan all this time. But yes, I agree. You seem a good bit more grown-up and intelligible than before. =)
    Megaton666 is nickname I commonly use. I don't worship the devil, nor do I believe in him. also, I see nothing wrong with worshiping the devil (at least nothing more wrong than worshipping God)
    Hey Ri-Chan. It's nice to see you here. I haven't logged into this account for a while now, I plan on logging on more often seeing as though Hikari is here as well.
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