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Recent content by ricedonut

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    Battle Subway Doubles Rain Team

    I think I'm going to use Rotom-W. I have a modest rotom here with 24/4/26/31/26/21 IVs. Is this good enough or should I keep breeding?
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    Battle Subway Doubles Rain Team

    Alright, RNG reporter won't work for Dream Radar, and I don't have White, so I have no idea what Thunder User I'm going to go for. I'm thinking Jolteon, but it will be annoying to get IVs for its Hidden power... Thanks for the advice so far!
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    Battle Subway Doubles Rain Team

    I'm working on a team for the Battle Subway, but I need opinions on it. Politoed @ Iron Ball/Wacan Berry Ability: Drizzle EVs: 252 HP/252 SpA/4 SpD Quiet Nature -Surf -Ice Beam/Helping Hand -Psychic/Helping Hand -Protect This guy's purpose is to make it rain. It's the bulky VGC set from...
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    Dex Entry Trading thread

    Name: Steve FC: 1936 8543 0835 Best time for trade: ASAP Need to borrow: Thundurus, Landorus If i'm not on, say when you can trade in the PM
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    venomoth improved

    look carefully near its left eye...
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    venomoth improved

    I have improved venomoths dream world art. it only took 30 seconds. the one the pokemon company made: i changed it: i just think it looks better this way
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    Have you ever cried for Pokèmon anime?

    I cried when I realized the UK will never get any Pokemon DVDs.
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    Lost at the League! (766)

    *looks at episode pictures* Was Garbodor using Explosion near the end of the episode? It's been a while since that's been used in the anime....
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    The Mystery of the Missing Cubchoo! (749)

    Lisa Ortiz did a HORRIBLE performance voicing that kid...
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    most useless move?

    I'm surprised no one has said Submission yet. It has 80 power, 80 accuracy AND recoil? Also Razor Wind isn't worth using, because it's learnt at late levels and it is too weak to need to charge up.
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    I will evolve your Pokemon

    I will evolve your Pokemon
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    I'm british, will the masuda method work with UK and US Pokemon?

    I'm british, will the masuda method work with UK and US Pokemon?
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    Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

    Username: ricedonut Evolving/Helping: Helping Best Times To Trade: most times, just PM me Friend Code: 1936 8543 0835 Notes: PM me to let me know if you want to trade and I'll get your pokemon Evolved
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    4th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    -I got to the Pokemon League, and challenged them, after making sure I had enough items. -First was Will. His team was pretty easy. Manny took care of his 2 Xatu, Steve took care of the Jynx and Exeggutor, and I had coconut put his Slowbro to sleep and then kill it with Leaf Storm. -Koga...
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    Gym Leaders and Elite Four Discussion Thread [Read First Post]

    Maybe they could have had her spell out poison, that has 6 letters just like dogars