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  • hi. how would you like to join an awesome clan?? please join the HOENN TRIANGLE!! we would LOVE to have you join
    I like being alone too, I don't know why... I mean I love my friends but for some reason I can relax a lot more when I'm alone.

    I'm going to dinner, so if I don't see you when I get back have a great day tomorrow ^__^
    Haha well I ran around outside all the time when I was a kid (played Pokemon outside too, on the GBC) but after my family moved to the middle of nowhere, that's what I did :/ sat inside and played video games. Yeah it can be fun to go out, but I'm a real homebody :p I just like being at home a lot for some reason.
    o_o holy macaroni! That sounds amazing, haha! And yeah, I know what you mean..... If I could, I would go back and tell my kid self to enjoy childhood as much as possible.. Not that I didn't like being a kid, but still. :p
    Oh yeah, the systems are a little different here I think :p I wish I could do that, haha. Well good :) I found it will just go away with time.
    They would never let us do that here :/ it's always "Professor" or "Doctor," some of them are really uppity. That's good that you're liking it :)
    So far this year has been much better than last year. I got homesick last year and I didn't like my roommate very much :(
    Haha well yes, that's true. I wonder why that always happens, it's like you're never alone when you forget.
    I hate that D: or when you're overcome with shock because you just remember an assignment right before it's due.
    Haha it makes it exciting! I have full control over when I do my work and it's always at the last minute :/
    Aww :/ well you still did pretty well.

    Haha this semester I wrote a 7-page paper the night before it was due and got an 86; the next paper I spent 3 days writing and got an 84.
    Oh I'm sorry :( that must be bad..
    Haha well I think everyone procrastinates :p we're always trying to make ourselves do things early, and failing.
    A farmer's tan, yes :p I'm pretty pale-skinned though.
    Haha well it was fun being outside on the course, there were forests and creeks and stuff. I hope you get better about that :/ you're going to need a job someday, haha
    Golf course/country club groundskeeper. Outside all day from 6-3, haha :p it was kin of fun, but there were some days where it sucked. Once it got all the way up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
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