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  • Oh, I see. I think it's just allergies for me, I'm not sure. You would have gotten sick at my job this summer, haha :p
    Haha wow, sounds like an exciting household :D
    Yeah I know :/ it's that time of year. Yes, everything is pretty much back to normal now. Except now people think that my school is either cursed or for psychopaths...
    Oh no, are they being obnoxious? :/ well at least you'll get to relax soon.
    I'm OK. Exams are coming up and I'm sick -__- just my luck, haha.
    Me too buddy, me too.....
    We still don't know exactly what happened, they're giving a press conference now.
    Yep, the second person killed was the gunman (thankfully) and it's been crazy all day. If you go to an online news outlet it you will probably be able to find it somewhere (although you're in the UK so that may not be true)
    Ah good ^_^ well today was insane, there were two murders on campus and it's been in lockdown mode all day long
    Oh, I didn't know that. I think it's like that in most other countries though, probably a good thing too.
    Ah, that sounds like one of the private schools here, what with prefects and uniforms and all... I thought public school was OK, you?
    Ah, sounds nice... I always wondered what it would be like. We've got year-round schools here too, but they're mostly private, and I went to public school.
    Oh, I see. We got half of June through late August for summer, 3 days for Thanksgiving, a week and a half for winter break, and a week for spring break.
    Oh, OK. You must have had year-round school, right? That would be summer break at the high school I went to.
    10 hour!?!? Even in two days, that's insane! The longest exam I had was 4, thought I had to take it twice and another once, but spread out over the year.
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