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  • Oh, I gotcha. I think it depends on the class, usually I know bigger classes will let you out early from personal experience. You had to wait in a mock exam, that sounds very boring :p
    "nyeh" lol.
    That sucks, you have to wait? Most of my lecture classes let you leave early if you finish before the time limit is up. Laboratory classes make you wait though.
    Ah, well I'm sure you'll be fine. Coursework as in weekly assignments/papers? Yep, the worst thing about exams for me is waiting for the scores... I always get nervous, thought it's probably not warranted because I study for them fairly well.
    Oh don't worry, I know you're a cool guy ^_^
    That might be a good idea, although you must be really smart if you've never revised before and still done well on exams. I would fail if I didn't revise. My Final exams are in early December, then I'm off for Winter break, and I return mid-January.
    Yep, I finished a big paper yesterday, and I've got an exam next week. You live in England, correct? Your Thanksgiving is July 4th if I'm not mistaken :D (joking) Oh cool! We call it Veterans Day here, but the festivities for your Remembrance Day are more like our Memorial Day I think, which is in May.
    Ah, college stuff, same here. I'm doing well also, I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving break which is in about a week and a half. Although I'll have a lot of work to do when I get back -_-
    I'm a Biology major, so I am taking 2nd year Bio, Organic Chemistry with Lab, Calculus, a Renaissance class, and an Insects class.
    Yay :D I don't have classes tomorrow. My University is huge, with over 23,000 undergrads... It can be really overwhelming. What is your course of study?
    Still, thanks haha. You seem like a nice person. You should send people FR's, I bet they would accept them
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