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  • Yep. Some of them got disillusioned with pokemon and left for a time. Still holding out for Blue_ace to return but I doubt it'll happen.
    It seems like all the good raters have been busy. It seems as though the CRMT dead. But I've had the same issue, well that among others, school before play.
    Well thats what we call a player instincts. I also thought of its stats and move when I first saw it. Lucario is too predictable so I hope they make it something special.
    Yes just two weeks waiting unless the information gets leaked in the Coro Coro magazine of this month which will be arriving soon.
    I think it looks like a Mightyena evolution to me as Mightyena is already confirmed in the movie. Maybe it will evolve in the movie or it could be an evolution to Lucario which looks also possible to me. Its face looks like a coyote or fox so even Ninetales is in doubt.
    Its a nice move for Aggron though. Just catch a Aron\Lairon with Rock Head. I used Sudowoodo once and gave it lots of recoil damage moves and then I found out that its ability is sturdy. I felt a lot disappointed by that. I wasted so much time on it and at last what I got was a Sudowoodo that die by its own attacks. So which game are you playing currently?
    I have also used Sceptile and Roserade. Sceptile had some problem cause its SP. Att. was higher but its most movepool favored physical move.
    At the moment I am waiting for Grammy results. Linkin Park and Metallica are my favorites and both got nominated for best hard rock performance. I am wondering who will win but I want PL to win his time.
    I like Breloom too. I mean with Spore it is one of the best Pokemon out there . I used one in Emerald but didn't made it battle BF cause it had wrong IVs. So u tried Altaria ever? It was one of my best Pokes in Ruby beside my Swampert and Aggron.
    I do the same. In Ruby I defeated E4 more than 100 times with my team. When my Swampert grew to 90 above level it was able to take out whole of E4 and champion by itself(even when it has to use struggle against last two Pokemon). Swampert is my only Pokemon so far who got to level 100.
    Yes the Mushroom Pokemon. Nice Pokemon for anime but one of the worst in games. That hrrible typing kills it.
    How do u train your Pokemon mostly? I mean how u make them reach 100 lvl?
    Levitate is nice for it but I was thinking of something like Sandstream(Tyranitar's ability I forgot its name). I mean that ability is a plus point to its ground typing. Actually I am not good with abilities. But if it becomes a physical sweeper then abilities like Guts or Swarm would be nice too. Why not give it a unique ability that saves it from Physical hits?
    Then what about female Machoke and male Gardeviour? They are quite an exception.
    Well Dman stated that Marowak can get an evolution and since all its pokedex entry stated graveyard or something ghastly it can get Ghost as secondary type. What do u think about that?
    Jynx and Mr. Mime both needs an evolution. I was thinking of a Marowak evolution too. I always wanted Ash to have a Cubone. Maybe Marowak evo will have one bone in each hand that it could place somewhere in its armor too so that it can fight with bare arms too.
    Sunflora needed an evolution since Johto. I wondered why they made such a weakling but then they gave Sunkern the best Pokethlon stats making it the best at it.
    So I am. Maybe some old Fire types can get an evolution too. Maybe Pokemon like Ninetales or Macargo can get an evolution now even when they are powerful in themselves like Magmar was.
    Now we can speculate on some new evolution to old Pokemon like Qwilfish, Mawile, etc. I wonder how new gen will affect the tiers. And I am hoping that Infernape stays in OU for one more gen so that Fire type starter curse is broken.
    Actually Smeargle has been there for quite sometime. BL upgrade is fine actually. I actually wanted Dugtrio to be in BL rather than UU.
    So heard the news about next gen? I am looking forward to see new Pokemon.
    Hey there has been a change in the tiers and it is astounding. I mean it looks like the tiers have been shaken thoroughly. Most common example Rhyperior and Dugtrio now lie in UU while Swellow and Arcanine have made it to UU. I was like What happened here?
    Well Eruption is nice anyway. If I am not wrong it is the best fire type attack so far with maximum HP. The moves which have higher power than 80 usually have some problem associated with them. Like Close Combat lowering defenses, Hyper Beam taking one turn to recharge, etc. At least in eruption you don't get some problem unless you are hit and your HP goes down.
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