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  • I don't know about that. I'm starting school and a part time job so I don't get a lot of time on PO but when it comes to teams I try and read up a few analysis so that I have something to think of while away. I also try and consider what I do during battles and how i can change. It takes a lot of time and effort to improve ;)
    Pro might be a bit much. I have a bit of experience and I'm becoming more familiar handling wins and loss as well as my team but I haven't reached the top. There are a few people I'm acquainted with that I would love to be acknowledged as a challenge so I want to continue working on improving ;)
    good to hear. It helps trying to see what poke you can have good compatiblity when battling. I've been putting in a lot of hours onn PO and i feel like I'm like I'm getting better ;)
    eh i'm on the fence. the iv breeding is long and difficult and it would be nice to trim the fat but its worth making an effort. BTW how are you when it comes to PO?
    Great minds think a like.

    so have I but its been tough. I think its something u become accustomed to and from there You learn the skills necessary
    yeah I know what you mean. I never really thought about competitive battling until I found about though a moveset FAQ. I was shocked that there were PVP stuff for pokemon. It looked really hardcore but I got easily discouraged every now and then that I only started playing seriously about a month after two years of on again off again. I do like the EV training but I find the RNG manipulation simply overwhelming ;)
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