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    You should probably pm whoever you had clone it, and ask them if they have had any troubles, and the fact it may be hacked. Probably something along the lines of; hey, I can't get a Gracidea flower in my b/w game with my shaymin, have you tried and gotten it? If not we may have a problem...
    Just a few things that come to my mind; if he cloned it after he got the flower that might be why you can't get the flower, you should probably ask him about that. Also, it's not an evolved form, it's just another form it can only access during the day time, also, sorry about going so offensive in the last vm, it's just the only way I saw explaining it
    I'm pretty sure that means A: you already have it, or B: your shaman is hacked. Gracidea flowers are, as I said before key items. This means they cannot be held, examples of other key items include but are not limited to; super rod, xtranciever, and town maps. None of these can be held, orhave the option "give" like most items do. The reason why the pokemon like dialga could hold an adamant orb is because it's a hold item, it's meant to be held. I have used a Gracidea flower back in d/p/pt, you go to your bag and select use
    Gracidea flowers are key items, they can't be traded, apparently you can get one in lacunosa town, in the center if you have a shaymin
    Sure thanks ^.^

    I'm going as well. I live in London. I would love to meet up with you but im only 13 and my dad probably wont be too happy with that
    im from the us. its a fairly unique name too. but its mine and i love it ^_^. there are many common names here that are very outrageous though
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