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  • You can do other things at Smogon! Or even just chat on IRC! We like to goof off a lot in #orangeislands, and it's the site's in-games IRC channel, as well as its forum (on the forums, of course.)

    I don't really battle all that much, anymore. Looking to maybe get into XY UU and RU. I think I had the most fun in BW RU, though.
    Oh, well that's sad to hear. :( If your computer supports Pokemon Showdown! then it would be possible to battle online (no download; it is web-based.) But, if you're still not into it, the that's fine, haha. I'm glad that I made an impression on you (although, I am quite embarrassed because that was my younger self, and I've matured quote a bit since then [on Smogon I have a badge because **** Serebii anymore.]) Anyway, I'm glad to have heard from you! Good luck in school!
    Hey, man. Long time no see, huh? :) Let me tell ya, I definitely miss all of my old friends here. It's sad to see that we've all gone our separate ways, but that's just life, I guess. Anyway, how goes school? Anything interesting?
    I hope to see you again Rifle. It was fun knowing you. Do good in college! I have made a thread about Hyper Offense and have gotten batter at battling. =) I wish to battle you again one day friend.
    Hi everyone! If any of you were looking for me, I'm not going to be here often. I'm in college now, and unfortunately the Wi-Fi here is not good for the DS. I also failed to get an adapter, and the closest Wi-Fi that works is twenty minutes away. So I can't battle or trade anymore, and that's what I loved most about pokemon... I enjoyed my time here, and thank anyone who contributed to my expierience on Serebii. I apologize to any of you I failed, such as Heraszor (never got you your hippo). I wish you all luck, and I'll see you again, one day.
    D: Sadness. Oh well then. Shadow, lasien, and I are re making PokeGyms so we have 2 more spots left if you want to come back though. :)
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