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Recent content by rigpop

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    Do you use the Red Gyarados?

    kind of boring to use I have it for HM's :P
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    Any body still playing these games?

    I still olay them I even do walktroughs of it on my channel ;)
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    Hi im Rigpop

    Hey guys im Rigpop an Member of PBC (PokeBroCast) We are an Youtube channel thats only focused on Pokemon and yea we love Pokemon. Im here to mert new people and to talk alot about pokemon. Im not herr to just start advertising my channel no im here to share my thoughs about pokemon woth you...
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    Which Legendary Dog is your favorite?

    Entei ;) since the first pokemon movie i watched hade entei in it ;)
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    Are you playing as the Male or Female character?

    Male all the time and I am male so that,s why ;)
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    Which did you catch with the Master Ball in SS/HG??

    Dang must feel hard to let an Shiny get away the only shiny i have is an ekans in SS
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    Favorite Gym Leader From HGSS?

    Morty definetly ;)