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  • You said you had the marine vivillon type, do you still want a female skrelp? or an item perhaps? I have high plains and fairy type friend code also... i would love to hear back from you :) zoe
    I've started to write out my bio for the rp, it's hard for me with my wrist and all, and school work, but it's getting there
    Hey just to let you know I'll probably reply either late tomorrow or the day after that. Been busy with my college application.
    I'd really, really love to join your Pokemon Ranger Rp, however, school has been taking up my time, homework has been a load, and now that I don't have any, I sprain my wrist and now it's hard to type... *erm* Maybe I can join after your start?


    NOW I remember. Sorry, I have short term memory, and I tend to forget things a lot... Thanks, I'll probably have the SU ready in... I dunno, 24 hours? Anyway, by this time tomorrow maximum.
    OK I've fleshed out her flaws a bit. One of flaws is that she talks too much which refers back to the fact that people aren't always drawn to her.
    I posted this in the thread, then read the rules again, so I'll post it here.

    Can I use Rotom?

    Reserve me it if so.
    Hey I just saw that AG wasn't approved because lack of personal flaw so I thought I'd check to see if anger management counts as one. I just don't want to do a lot of writing for nothing y'know. I'll just work on the other parts of my signup for now.
    Hey Rinne, you know who you said that we are not allowed to use pictures in your RP? May I use a picture, but still write my two paragraph's?
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