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  • Heya Marcus!
    I've been brought back here by the absolutely amazing X and Y :)
    So if you're still around maybe we can have that battle we spoke of all those years ago.
    My Friend Code is 2535 4744 0164
    Thanks, I'm quite appreciative :p
    Dark/Light I guess would still have similar problems, I agree but I suppose its not as in your face as simply Black and White. Still its an issue that shouldn't even be an issue :p

    I also put that post on that thread before the screens were leaked and I'm super excited :D

    I think it may be a similar style of gameplay to a certain extent, but I do think the graphical style will be a DSified version of Pokemon Colosseum and XD Gales of Darkness.

    Oh and high five back at ya ;)
    Hey, sorry for the lack of contact. Just got a lot on with Uni preparation and my girlfriend's birthday this week.

    I should be good to go next week though, albeit probably a little flustered from Uni =P
    Hey man, sorry I didn't reply yesterday. I had a night on the town =)

    I'll work on my team tonight and get back to you about yours.
    You posted your response to your own profile. Whoops!

    Good thing I came here to PM you anyway. I might actually PM you some of my ideas in terms of the staples/neccessities of the UU metagame (from what I've casually observed) first, as I think I'll have to reformat my teams to fit some of the observations.
    Oh Australia, that's cool. Well from my perspective, hehe.

    Okay, I look forward to seeing some of your team mock-ups! Though, when you wake up I'll probably be asleep! I have a team thought out now, just need to make sure I have my own weaknesses covered and get a last member. I'll post you mine, too, when it's done-ish.

    I'm from Australia. I noticed you're from the UK - it's obviously just an educational structure difference.

    I know exactly what you mean. You get a little locked in once you pick a Pokemon or two as you need to pick ones that cover up their weaknesses. I'm heading off to bed as it's 3.30am here, but I'll post you some of my mock-ups (with commentary) when I wake up.
    Oh no you misunderstand. You're getting confused with what we call a "Fine Arts Degree". Stuff like drawing, painting etc. An Arts Degree is to do with humanities and stuff. I'm studying Psychology, Creative Writing, Japanese and Biology (as an elective).

    Well I haven't actually started making a team yet. Although I've drafted up a couple of teams, although one is probably much better than the other. I can PM them to you if you'd like?
    Are you interested in the OU Metagame or the UU? I'm planning on UU, and if you do aswell I'd be more than happy to have a battle with you sometimes. Would also be great if we could bounce team ideas off each other etc.

    I'm quite jealous about your course. It sounds really exciting! Unfortunately I don't have the patience for that sort of thing myself.

    Actually I think our system must be slightly different to yours. I've finished secondary education, and I'm starting Uni on 1st March, doing an Arts Degree =)
    Hey Marcus, accepted your friend request =)

    I'm actually not much of the speculative type (at least not when it comes to Pokemon). The extent of my commentary on the slow revealing 5th gen would probably be very or not I like the Pokemon or not, to which I can answer, "I quite like this monster fox thing".

    Once the entire gen is revealed I can probably evaluate it as a whole however. I'm more excited about new features in a new game. Something really awesome would be if they made every region explorable in ONE game. Doubt it will happen though.

    I joined because eventually I want to get into competitive battling (UU). Not sure when I will, but it will happen. For the time being I'm just gunna meet some people, post where I like and try and learn about the metagame where I can =)
    Hi there =)

    I noticed we were both new members, of a similar age, and evidently have similar interests so I thought I'd drop you a line.

    The name's Scott, pleased to make your aquaintance.
    Np ^.^

    You've always had good responses and listened well to what others have been saying with regards to speculation and that deserves friendship ^.^

    Plus you gave me a Burmy and that doesn't happen to me everyday ^.^
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