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  • Doo-doo-doo, da-da-do-do-wow!
    There's a place called the rainforest that truly sucks ***
    Let's knock it all down and get rid of it fast
    You say 'save the rainforest', but what do you know?
    You've never been to the rainforest before!
    Getting Gay with Kids is here
    To tell you things you might not like to hear
    You only fight these causes 'cos caring sells
    All you activists can go bleep yourselves.

    Someday if we work hard boys and girls..
    There'll be no more rainforests left in the entire world..
    Getting Gay with Kids is here
    To spread the word, and bring you cheer
    Getting Gay with Kids is here
    Lets knock down the rainforest, whaddaya say?
    its totally gay, its totally gay!
    My gosh I'm going down to vacational skool in chester tomorrow. never been before. I'm sooooo scared. it will be funny. i will be on hiatus for a while. it will be fun though.
    hello again. =]

    who did that pic on your sig? was it u? or someone else? do u know anyone who might make me a pic as cool as that for my sig?
    Yay! We have you been? or are you going somewhere.... Happy Traveling!!

    I know that sounds chesy, but i could'nt think of anything else...
    haha I thought you meant "Style" like Stan x Kyle from south park XDDD
    LOL, you thought that too? Awesome <3
    Hiya again. In case u hadn't noticed, a lot has happened since u last posted. Care to post now? Most people are dead, so someone other than me posting is good. I even posted a new topic *smiles proudly*. Yep. Plz answer it?!?!? *battrs eyelashes*

    Minun-Kun xxx
    hiya riolulu!!! how r u u?!?!?!?!?!......

    .... emm, sorry about that. as just a bit hyper there. so like i said hi!! how r u? done aything cool lately? ive been a bit a busy lately....
    ... ive been trying to write my first shishi fanfic, but ive wrote about 4 words.... oh weeellll!!!

    Minun-Kun xxxx
    Perfectshipping ♥ arcanumghost x riolulu

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