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  • Wassup fellow pearlshipper! I've sent a friend request, hope you'll answer it. Nice to see another pearlshipping author here, keep up your work, especially as the reality of Dawn's imminent and likely forever departure from the anime is just around the corner. We pearlshippers will then begin to rely on fanfiction to satisfy, so the more of us there are, the better.
    really? and what anime couples are those?
    (sweatdropping after staring blankly for all of a few seconds) That... is a far more interesting question than you might suspect. Some of these new anime couples are from shows that some might not have expected me to add to my memory at all, but they appear to be the only ones I could have successfully added, given my own overall experiences and observations. One show in particular could easily portend a much darker turn in my anime interests, requiring something a whole lot more... lighthearted, so to speak. Would you like me to private message you about that first anime program I discovered first, then go on to talk about the other anime program?
    Greetings once more, old friend. After several... developments regarding my anime interests in the past several months, I feel rather content with their progress. Fortunately, I appear to have found some anime couples whose attributes and basic dynamic bear striking resemblances to Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship, in addition to a few other key anime pairings in my memory. Are you doing well so far?

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    hehe yep :)

    College is good, the work is a lot harder then high school work.
    I'm also looking for a job besides going to school and I'm not having much luck though :/ It's just so hard to find a job in this economy.

    I'm glad to hear it. The next chapter of Ice Box is just not coming very well. I have a stinking writers block that just won't go away. How I hate writers block with a passion.

    And excuse the late reply, school's been keeping me busy.
    That's awesome :p. I should try that out... but I might get a "colder" chapter... DX (oh well XD. Ice cream > sad writing)

    ^(Notices your reference to writing) Yay! Good luck! :D

    I'm doing well :) I'm a bit tied down by work right now though, so my writing's on hiatus again...
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