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  • A pro-life campaign, you say? That I'm definitely interested in hearing about. At least for now, though, my thoughts have tilted toward Codename: Kids Next Door and 24, such that nowadays, the Codename: Kids Next Door Fan Forum has become my preferred Internet hangout area, while a new 24 season DVD set has caught my attention this week. I'm not quite certain what to make of Iris as of now, but I trust that we'll learn more as Pokémon Best Wishes progresses.
    Sure, I'll call you Kathy. :D

    And LOL, you use the DSi to surf the forums? I do that too! :D Well not ALL the time, but most of the time when I can't use the laptop.
    Greetings once more, old friend. It looks like the Pearlshippers here are still standing strong about Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship, especially after Pearlshipping Day-September this past week. The factors influencing my own support for this romantic pairing are holding up nicely, whether they're at my school or more immediately around me. Are you doing well as of now?
    haha, well I was actually considering riot, but I chose rio. And okay, I'll call you riot. You can call me Pat, since I'm not fond of the nick pokefan. xD;

    well I'm just surfin' the forums and checking my gpx+ pokemon. I'm addicted to that site haha. D;
    hey rio~ (can I call you that?) i'm bored and lonely since no one's online to talk to boo. D: What's up? :3
    Other than some new current events for one of my classes -- which happens to be a little over an hour from this visitor message -- I think the past few days have been quiet but a bit dreary. You can safely blame a few thunderstorms in and around my home city for that last part. That said, the next few days could see an increase in my mind's concentration, especially since the factors driving my support for Pearlshipping stand ready to get my attention in a rather substantial way... perhaps culminating this Saturday (hint, hint).
    A three-mile walk along with a round of basketball? Sounds like you had fun. Hopefully, that walk worked for anyone attending it. In my case, other than a few current events to track for one of my classes, I find myself at a new interesting point, given the new book(s) I'm intending to purchase in the coming days or weeks. How about you?
    Greetings once more. It would seem that nowadays, I spend most of my time and energy keeping my political interests as up-to-date as possible, even including events I share at my school. Are you doing well so far this weekend?
    Aw, I'm sorry, happy belated birthday ^^
    Still writing fics...?
    You didn't tell me that you played kingdom hearts :eek: Or that you like Sora/Kairi!! XD
    I see. Hopefully, you had an excellent early week leading up to your birthday... in addition to this latest returning Pearlshipping hint, if that's what I can call Dawn's cheerleading routine for Ash's last gym battle. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that the weather in my home area got a bit crazier than I expected... since my throat feels a bit dry as of this visitor message. Are you still doing well in your home area?
    Well, this looks to be an interesting end to May 2010, at least in my area of the world. If 24's series finale tonight isn't enough, then now, it would appear that some buzz is flowing about an upcoming battle between Kenny and Ash. You can probably guess that my mind is consequently rather active at this moment. How are you?
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