• Hi all
    Just a notice, we recently discovered that someone got into a moderator account and started hard deleting a load of key and legacy threads...around 150 threads have been lost dating back to 2007 and some weeks ago so we can't roll the forums back.
    Luckily no personal data could be accessed by this moderator, and we've altered the permissions so hard deleting isn't possible in the future
    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
  • Hi all. We had a couple of reports of people's signatures getting edited etc. in a bad way. You can rest assured this wasn't done by staff and nobody has compromised any of our databases.

    However, remember to keep your passwords secure. If you use similar passwords to elsewhere which has been accessed, people and even bots may be able to access your account.

    We always recommend using unique passwords, and two-factor authentication if you are able. Make sure you're as secure as possible
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  • I think two or three mods have known him personally, maybe. Most don't. And mods are added as needed over the years, not just early members. (Though we don't usually mod folks who have joined less than a year or so ago.) Otherwise, yes, it's usually just about being a respectable member.
    Hahaha even though I've fallen out of TWY and TSSF, I still love them to death. That show is going to be freaking killer. The NYC date was all sold out so I can't go to the GK tour, sadly.
    I've been hearing some bs that Title Fight is breaking up. I really really hope not. They're one of my favorites. I'm seeing Tigers Jaw very soon, any good shows coming up for you?
    I didn't even download it. I saw them play half of it live. I had to walk out of the set at that point. Sigh, whatever. At least I can still listen to their older stuff. Kinda upsetting that they fell off the map like that, though. They were such a good band.
    Thanks a ton man, nice profile picture! Too bad Four Year Strong went that terrible direction with their new album.
    Thanks for the help trying to get through to these anti-speculation guys, but I guess they are too set in their ways to be swayed.
    At the bottom you choose "Post a poll with this thread" or something similar to that. But before you post be sure it doesn't fall under one of the existing large threads, most threads aren't getting approved for now because they can easily go there.
    IIRC, that was what was initially believed until it was disproven. =/ The different language thing might stand (but UK and US games use the same, I'm quite sure - llike Australia and US Pokemon games do, and we use the same system as UK), but myself, I have been able to Pal Park from a US LeafGreen to an Australian Diamond, so it *should* work judging by that.
    I think the UK version is slightly different. Like, grammar changes.

    It depends what context you're using the word "English" as. If you're referring to English people, typically that means UK.
    Affect GBA imports... sorry, not quite certain on what you are asking. =/ If you mean would it work with Pal Park and all, it should work if both games are legit and aren't roms...
    Hello. Anyways, the UK Platinum would be the same as the US Platinum - same content-wise and all, really. There are some changes but that's got to do with coding stuff and all which won't bring about any changes to the actual gameplay or stuff that you would notice, at any rate.
    I would say research Canada and British Socialized Health Care, there are many horror stories of people on wait lists in Canada or Britain. Or of course there is France, where some hospitals cannot even afford air condisioning and have to reuse bed sheets
    Heh well thank you very much ^_^ Its always good to have some one on the Conservative Side. And its funny I was about to post the Bill Clinton Community Reinvestment Act thing too when I got home from work.
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