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  • hey gurl heyyy

    I noticed that you had sort of been in charge of the last Ikarishipping thread, but it died months ago. Would you mind if I were to try to start a new one? (or hell, do you think the shipping even has much of a following here to start again?) idk just thought I'd ask~
    Coucou Rissy, désolée je viens juste de voir le message. Ça va et toi ? Je regarde toujours tes amv sur youtube. Wishful ftw !
    Voorhis moved to North Carolina with his wife and went to work in a Ford plant in Charlotte until being offered work as a teacher in an Illinois school for underprivileged boys, teaching three grades, coaching sports, and giving religious talks in the school's chapel each morning. This was followed by a year in Laramie, Wyoming, where the Voorhises founded and ran an orphanage for boys.
    podiatrist San Antonio
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    Well I love Pearlshipping/Contestshipping and I like Egoshipping.But I will support Poke,Negai,Wishful.I lost my interest in Advanceshipping.I like againstshipping and Mock.I watch Bleach ,Naruto kekkaishi,I support IchiHime,RukiaXrenji,NaruHina,YoshimoriXTokine.You know I said I hate Ikari but Im cool with Ikarishippers.
    Hey can you tell me your favorite 3 or 4 shippings? I would be great to be friends with an Ikarishipper even I dont like Ikarishipping.
    Hey Rissy
    A couple posts back on the Ikari thread (I think it was yesterday) you posted links to 2 AMVs. But I think they link to the same one! ^^"
    Just wanted to let you know.

    Hey Rissy, I think you're an awesome YTuber and you always make the most beautiful Ikarishipping videos, is it okay if we can be friends? Pwetty pwease?
    Exams ended today! 8D Annnnnd guess what?! I finished my ikari viiidie! ^^ Just hafta render it another hour. x.X This one is dedicated to you as your birthday gift because you won't believe what happened! My computer completly crashed while I was working on something one day and ALL my MEP parts, recent videos and everything were deleted! Including your b-day viddie and Taku's! Dx

    Sooo, I've been working on this one as much as possible trying to get it up. It's so late it'll be a super early b-day present for next year! xDDDDD Hehe, love you always

    ~Alex ^^
    Your welcome x3
    Unfortunately yes D: I should have saved them in my USB-Stick, but I never though that my hard drive would do that to me xD'
    It's annoying, but what can you do when it's broken? .____."
    But I'll go searching for more Brushes and textures 8D
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