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    I'm not able to hand out such types of bans nor edit signatures.
    Which refers back to this. I can't edit signatures, so to be only able to post a user note and not be able to enforce the message by distributing the proper ban time and editing of the signature is totally illogical for me to do. The only infractions I can hand out that would result in an instant ban are for "posting inappropriate material", "pure trolling", "ban evasion", or "sharing accounts with banned users." All of which results from as low as a one month ban to a permanent ban. Bans for multiple signature violations would only be a week, or a few weeks.

    tl;dr, only someone who can edit signatures and give custom bans would take care of that business, which is in this case a mod+ or moderator of higher rank.
    And just a note: the "real time" or "length" of the animation doesn't really matter. The rules state a limit to how large the image file size can be. If the animation has many frames and excellent quality, then that adds on to the size.
    I'm not able to hand out such types of bans nor edit signatures. It should have been a higher rank moderator who gave him the ban. But I can tell you the obvious. He was banned because his signature broke the signature rules and he had several strikes already given to him before. :|
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