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  • Hey. I tried to PM you, but your inbox is full.

    Lol yeah we only get to chat about once a year. How have you been?

    Yeah, I think I saw you online too. I did finish the game. I haven't been online in a few days and I just got your message. Sorry. I do have access to the move tutors, but I haven't participated in the Battle Resort yet. I don't have any Battle Points. After I finished Alpha Sapphire, I started Omega Ruby then I got really busy (in real life). I'm sorry I couldn't help you. I hope you can find someone else to help you out.

    Ttyl. Take care. Bye.
    No, I meant... IF you nicknamed your Pokemon. Could you nickname the one you trade to me also. If you don't used nicknames for the Pokemon, then don't worry about it.

    It's up to you on what you want nickname it.
    Hi, I saw you wanted a phanpy with head smash, I could breed you one ^-^
    I'm looking for a Chikoritar ,Totodile or Treecko. do you perhaps have one of them? and if so are you interested in a trade?
    Hey, I wasn't able to send you a PM. Apparently it said your Box was full. Anyway, I'll be online on Sunday from 12pm onwards. I'm GMT -6, just in case.
    Get some rest bro, isn't it early where you are, staying up all the time isn't good for anyone's health, I say just get some rest for now then take a nap when you get home from work after you get home if you can, I only know its early and you have work from your post, sorry if it seems like I'm spying, a friend told me things were heating up and I wasn't sure if there were other reports lately or just them again
    Did you notice how said tucked in shaymin was hacked, Lv17 in fact, lowest level possible is Lv30
    I just saw that after looking at your post when you said it was a shaymin and showed it but they claimed it was a kyurem so I'm betting they are waving a giant red flag that they are a hacker
    oh ok sorry :( I have to log out because Im going to church then Imma go to a friends house so we gotta trade for kyurem quick im logging out of forums, use my black fc gtg I'm almost in
    clear ur pm box
    I'm on your side for blacklisting cueva, they made a deal with me for trading and changed it like 27 times and also when I said I didn't want to trade my DW torchic for theirs they still kept bugging me, they sent me probably 200+ PM's since Friday alone -_-
    Hello, I took a look at your list in the link, are you still looking for Reshiram? I have some spare event Reshiram (SPR2012, ID No. 03102) if you need one.

    (PM box is full)

    Your message box is full. I'm online now so can you PM me when you want to trade.


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