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  • yw and I get you I understand completely I have been getting decently busy myself with irl while I am glad your doing fine at least whenever you open your trade shop again I be waiting for a few clones :) you focus on that life ^_^
    I see then... well, hope things calm down one day, for more than just the shop being open. Being too busy can easily lead to any amount of negative emotional reactions, so... yeah.
    Good luck then. I'll be here still not having a speed boost venipede if and when you're ready to stand to the music again.
    Hey, just checking if you’ll still be available to trade today around 10 AM your time. My FC is 2552-5852-1468 and my IGN is Sun. Just let me know. :)
    Hey, so the Pokémon I’m interested in were the shiny Sceptile and shiny Swampert from the JR Kyushu event. Just let me know when you’d be available, your Saturday times earlier in the day work best for me.
    Then i will be interest in JPN (Jolly) mimikyu! When you can for the trade? Today is saturday here but i dont think i will be available but possible i will be the next saturday :)
    Hello, i send here to let you know that i am very interest in trade for the pgl Banette :p Do you happen to have to have the pokemon center shiny mimikyu? If not i will be interest in 1 of Team Rainbow Rocket's Ambition Pokémon if still dont have them its ok will take just the banette ^_^ (also sorry about the pm i sent didint saw that you mean vm xD )
    Hey, yep I have both of those eggs ready. Going off of your schedule, could you trade this upcoming Saturday at 2 PM JST?
    Super Venipede Hunder II Hyper Ultra edition 3rd Strike Arcade edition the final fighters AND KNUCKLES featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series... Is already going better in UM than it has in AS and Sun. One Swarm Venipede shiny after only a day of hatching compared to the weeks it'd be before... I'm convinced I have faulty cartridges. Now to get it speed boost.
    ...oh yeah hey, not done yet, just took a many month break from pokemon and decided to resume the hunt when US/UM were released and I had the shiny charm again. Hope things have been well on your end.
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