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  • That was quick, indeed. And perfect timing, too. xP Haha, thank you again for helping me hyper train my Colosseum event mons! ^^ <3
    If I ever manage to get anything else you may still be looking for, I'll come visit your thread again, haha
    Oh dang, I was not expecting to get home a little later than normal. xD Was eating out for dinner before heading home. lol
    Anyway, I'm around for awhile, so I'll keep checking here and on the festival plaza. :]
    Uh im at work till roughly 4pm my time (gmt +1) so i dont know if you'll still be up at midnight tommorow?

    Did u want anything at all for it?
    It's probably Saturday over there pretty soon, right? owo Uhhh, assuming things are looking pretty smooth, I will be available to trade anytime after 6pm today. (That should be after 10am for you.)
    Yep, didn't use up any remaining EVs to make the chart blue since I figured the ones Smogon listed were all that would raise a stat, and any extras wouldn't matter.
    And okay, take your time with that, lol. I know how busy you are :'D
    Could you provide the link/list to your special ball pokemon collection please? I cant see it on your shop page and am very interested in what stuff you are offering :c
    Yeah, it's just that the EVs don't look maxed out on any of the pokemon I've trained for LC. When you press Y on a status screen to check EVs, it'll be light blue when everything is maxed out, but not on any of the LC pokemon; just wanted to make sure you weren't confused with me saying they were done and they didn't look it. :p speaking of LC mons, my main 12 are all done EV training! Now I have two tentative teams decided, and one future team once I've MMed the shinies and we have move tutors back. :D
    hey road sorry for the banner being super late but its ready to be picked up now ^_^ I hope i got what you wanted ;)
    Stuff happens. xD Hmmm, if you're willing to share what your schedule is like for the upcoming weekend, I can attempt to follow around that! o:
    I'm probably available for another 30 mins or so. x.x Not sure how much longer I can stay awake. xD I can try again next weekend, if things don't work out tonight. lol
    Okie, gotcha! Will be on shortly; was in the middle of trying to catch my Latios in AS while waiting, haha. (I'm trying to catch one with HP Fire, but no luck so far. rip)

    Edit: And I'm in the festival plaza. Gonna try to catch ya on!
    Whew, I think it's finally working again. x.x Took awhile, but hopefully it stays stable.
    If you're still around, lemme know. I'll get on the festival plaza whenever you reply. ^^
    Ah, it's okay. I'm still around, but my router does not seem to want to cooperate with my 3ds at the moment. x_x;
    This happens with me sporadically, but I hope I can figure out a fix to this. Otherwise, I'll try again in a few hours, if you'll be sticking around!
    Or my router decides to be a butt tonight. ;w; aaaaaa whyyyyy.
    Uh, if you're still available in maybe around 4-5 hours from now, I'll surely be available to pick them up by then. o:
    Oooh awesome! I'm ready to pick them up, if you'd like. ^^ I'll be in the festival plaza shortly!

    Thanks! Must. liiiiiiiiiive. xD
    And oh noes, allergies are annoying to deal with. >.< Hopefully it doesn't cause too much trouble!
    Ooooh that explains things. xD No worries at all! Carry on~

    Sounds like you've been busy too. ;w; I, on the other hand, have a lot studying to do. Got one week of classes remaining, and then it's finals week after. Gotta make sure I do well, at least. @w@;
    And thanks! Hopefully my cold goes away faster, haha. Drinking tea has been helping quite a bit!
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