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  • Oh, I didn't even realize what day it was. :p by the way, I looked at Snivy/Zorua's EVs, and I know they don't LOOK maxed out, but they are (I just did exactly what Smogon told me lol). I guess that's all that will raise a stat at level 5 and any other EVs won't make a difference.
    Also, you did keep clones of em right? don't hesitate to send em back whenever you think of nicknames :D
    Thank you too! :D glad we didn't have to struggle finding a time to trade this time around, haha.
    Oh, all right. xD I'll keep one since my other ocean pattern is in 6th gen. Wish we got a PC in the plaza though, so I could at least decide ahead of time which spare pokemon to send back. >.>
    Ooh, I was actually hoping Shelmet would be in an Ultra Ball. @u@ Thanks a bunch! Now lemme find some breedjects to part with...
    Hey again. xP I hope it's okay if I can inquire about any hyper training updates? Still not in much of a rush, but I'm just curious is all. lol

    I've been so busy this week. ;w; And still fighting a cold that I caught over the Easter weekend. aaaaa
    Oh, there's a list involved? xD Hmm, I think I'll pass being on the list when it comes to breeding requests, but I can always provide free pokemon that I've already bred. I have at least one extra 5IV from many of my breeding projects because I collect lots of eggs at once and sometimes I get multiples in one batch. Then I have nothing to do with them except give them away. :3

    I'm not that great at battling mainly because I just get so dang nervous and often make simple but costly mistakes, like using a not-very-effective move or forgetting that a certain pokemon uses a certain coverage move that could KO me. I rarely battle, but I'm sure I can overcome that nervousness with enough practice. Same goes for practicing prediction. That's a fun skill to have. XD
    And okay, just let me know if/whenever you want the Mienfoo. feel free to list other species that interest you as well and I'll let you know if I have an extra. :3
    lol, and I'm one of that horde of breeders (right?) :p

    Whether you like the Hail team or not, why not have two teams? :p That's what I'm gonna do because I just have so many I want to use! everything is so cute ;^; Luckily I have an extra 5IV male adamant Mienfoo in a premier ball (nicknameable) if you want him.
    I meant real pokemon in-game as well. I wouldn't want to play on Showdown after all the breeding I go through. :p I was just wondering if it was a possibility for you since you don't breed.

    Were you planning to have all ice types in a Hail team? Lots of super defensive pokemon really benefit from Aurora Veil, even if they're not ice types, plus Slush Rush (say that five times fast :p) users of course. Anything that gets Blizzard, non-STAB or not, would like the 100% accuracy in Hail. Mareanie is an example, and I have an extra, but I'm not sure it really needs an ice-type attack though.
    Oh yeah, I meant to reply to this. xD
    If you were planning to battle in-game and not on Showdown or something, I can always give you some of my leftover 5IV LC pokemon if you want. They're just sitting in Bank with nothing to do. XD I don't have any that would benefit from a Hail team, though. I'll let you know what I have if you're interested. A Hail team sure would be fun with Aurora Veil, by the way!
    Thank you! You've been super kind and patient with noob me. Hope you needed that Ocean Pattern Scatterbug. I'd like to think you got something extra out of the trade. :D
    That's odd, I definitely registered your FC code. I'm on, too. I'm sorry this is turning out to be so much trouble to coordinate. *Sigh*
    Thanks for your patience! Should probably mention I'm pretty new to the Serebii forums. (Been using the main site for years, though.) Okay, I'm all set and have your FC added!
    Oh, sorry! My mistake. For some reason, I'm having a hard time spotting your FC in your profile. (I'm probably just looking in the wrong place, but...)
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